A Quick Guide to Pisces

Pisces Birthdays: February 19 to March 20
Zodiac Symbol: The Fishes
Ruling Planet: Jupiter – traditional; Neptune – modern
Mode/Element: Mutable Water
Colour: Sea-green, aquamarine, colours of the sea
Part of the Body: Feet
Day of the Week: Thursday
Top Traits: Romantic, Compassionate, Creative
Your Star Sign Mission: to offer caring and kindness where it’s needed most, to believe in miracles
Best At: poeticsensibilities, empathy, self-sacrifice & redemption, sensitivity & vulnerability, going with the flow, living on or close to water, daydreaming, craving gorgeous shoes
Weaknesses: addictive tendencies, deceitful, gullible, lacks boundaries, lost soul
Key Phrase: I dream
Pisces Quote: ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ Albert Einstein


How to describe Pisces in a Tweet: A seeker – ethereal & empathic. Wafts through life in a haze of romantic dreams & spiritual yearnings. Saviour of lost souls & small animals.

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Astrology Talk - Star Sign Series Video: Pisces

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