Pisces September 2016


Pisces September 2016

Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

September is likely to be one of the most important months of the year for you as eclipses light up your sign of Pisces and your opposite sign of Virgo. This links back to events in March when there was a solar or New Moon eclipse in Pisces on March 9th.

This month, the solar eclipse takes place on the 1st in your opposite sign of Virgo and the lunar or Full Moon eclipse takes place on the 16th cutting across the Virgo/Pisces axis of the zodiac. Eclipses are game-changers and bring what’s hidden to light. Sometimes they coincide with dramatic events, the unexpected which is why they’re linked to the highs and lows of life.

So this is important for you with regard to your 1-to-1 relationships, both personal and professional. This might be a month when you’re getting hitched, forming a business partnership or alternatively you’re ready to move on and break free from a relationship that’s no longer working for you.

Certainly the eclipses are significant in this respect but your best bet is to play a waiting game and not jump in feet first even if you meet ‘the love of your life’ or you’re ready to abandon ship.

This is because communication planet Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd. Mercury retrograde often means you don’t have the full picture. Information is missing, someone goes quiet on you, you can’t believe everything you hear.

More importantly, Mercury is on go slow in Virgo and your relationship sector. Plus Mercury is your partner planet. If you’re in a relationship or married, this month’s astrology is the equivalent of a roller-coaster ride when emotions are heightened and you only come back down to earth once Mercury turns direct on the 22nd.

Until then, if you can, go with the flow. See where life leads, notice who you meet, trust your intuition. Don’t jump to conclusions or rush in or out of love.

There are other factors involved as well which add to the confusing and complex picture. Jupiter is your ruling planet and for the last year, Jupiter has also been in Virgo and your relationship sector. Yet on the 9th, Jupiter leaves this part of your chart and enters the air sign Libra.

So this too indicates a sea-change, things shifting and moving. Someone you love might move abroad or get a job far away from you. You might be issued an ultimatum and it’s up to you whether you follow your heart or your head. Again if you can, wait until the 22nd when important information will come to light or you receive the news you’ve been waiting for.

There is another important planetary aspect this month which might also determine events involving a close relationship. On the 10th, there’s a final Saturn-Neptune square and this powerful planetary aspect has dominated the heavens since November 2015.

It’s especially significant for you because Neptune is your co-ruler, God of the sea. Neptune is in your sign of Pisces and square to Saturn in Sagittarius and your career sector. So this combination focuses on your personal goals and aims and also where you’re heading in life, your career and vocation, what you want next.

Yet together this is a tricky influence and it can generate fear, a feeling of overwhelm, being stuck or trapped. Sometimes you can’t see your way out of a difficult situation.

What’s important now is to ensure that you don’t let fear and doubt hold you back. Action is recommended when it comes to deciding what next and this is because the dynamic planet Mars is also in Sagittarius and your career sector until the 27th.

So get things moving, be bold and daring in your approach to work, be positive instead of negative. It does feel as if everything is inter-related this month and events in one sector of your life will have a knock-on effect in the other. Your challenge is to decide what’s most important to you and once Mercury turns around on the 22nd, you’ll have all the information you need to make an important decision.

Money too is under the cosmic spotlight for two reasons. Firstly, Venus is in Libra and your joint finance sector until the 23rd. This is a positive combination for money matters, whether someone helps you out financially or you receive a gift or bonus.

When Venus is in Libra, you have a love of the good life and you want to treat yourself and the people closest to you. Plus on the 9th, your ruler Jupiter enters Libra where it will remain until October 2017.

This is a positive influence with regard to money matters and now’s the time to set your compass and decide what you want and need financially. Events this month will prove significant with regard to your future financial goals so pay attention and set your intentions. The 17th might be decisive for you with regard to money matters but this is just the beginning.

Partnership is favoured once Jupiter is established in Libra and the 26th is a peak date when the Sun and Jupiter come together in the heavens. This coincides with lively planetary activity in Capricorn and your friendship and group sector.

So people power is potent in the last week of the month and by joining forces with others, you can improve your own situation, especially with regard to money and finances. It’s a tricky month to negotiate but once you get to the end of September, the deals you make and the alliances you forge will carry you forward and help you make progress over the next few months.

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