Pisces October 2017

Pisces, reflection

Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

The big news for you this month is Jupiter’s move into Scorpio. Jupiter is your ruling planet so when it changes sign, this is a big deal. It only moves from one sector of the zodiac to the next every 13 months, and it often heralds the start of a new chapter in your life.

Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and good fortune, it represents expansion and luck and it spends approximately one year in each sign of the zodiac. On October 10th, Jupiter leaves the air sign Libra and enters the water sign Scorpio.

This is good news for starters because Jupiter is moving into a sign that shares the same element as your sign of Pisces. Water signs like yourself respond to life emotionally and once Jupiter enters Scorpio, you’re in flow.

This is also a reminder to focus on the bigger picture and get back in touch with the things in life that inspire you. If you’ve been head down dealing with money, work and everyday matters, no doubt you’ll be more than ready for adventure.

Jupiter in Scorpio lights up your travel sector and the part of your chart that’s linked to study, philosophy, the search for meaning. Any activity you can indulge in now which shifts your perspective and helps you see your life afresh is recommended. Use image to inspire you too; film, art, photography, mind-mapping, vision boards.

There are lots of exciting dates bubbling away too as the personal planets begin to team up with Jupiter. On the 18th and 26th, first Mercury (communication) and then the Sun (identity) are buoyed by Jupiter’s lucky influence. Look out for role models, people who inspire you. Get your passport ready and up-to-date and start to say Yes to new experiences.

The Sun-Jupiter connection in particular is often one of the luckiest dates in the year and it only happens once every 12 months. So make the most of it and line up something special to look forward to.

Money remains important this month and it does look as if you are having to sort out tricky finances. In fact, this could be a potentially messy month for money matters as there’s so much going on.

As October begins, both the Sun and communication planet Mercury are in Libra and the part of your horoscope that rules joint finances and shared resources. On the 5th, there’s a Full Moon too that cuts across the Libra-Aries axis of the zodiac, highlighting finances.

Aries rules your personal money sector and Libra is about your financial ties. Often during the Full Moon, you see your situation clearly and it’s a good date to make key decisions. Look out for someone who can help you with your finances on or around this date and team up with other people to boost your money-making potential. This could be a joint venture or an idea for a part-time business, for example.

The Sun and Mercury don’t have a smooth run through Libra, however, as they encounter the slower-moving planets, Uranus and Pluto. They clash with Pluto on the 9th/10th and this could spell trouble for money or a financial arrangement.

Pluto tends to negate what it touches so avoid these dates for any important financial transaction and don’t let anyone bully you when it comes to money.

The Sun and Mercury clash with Uranus on the 15th and 19th of the month and Uranus often flags up the unexpected, things you didn’t see coming. This is not a good time to trust someone else with your money but instead, keep close tabs on your finances.

Uranus can sometimes bring in exciting opportunities but it’s best to get these checked out by someone you trust before you invest or leap in. The 13th and 16th of the month are key dates to talk to someone in an influential position who can help you get the best deal moving forwards.

Basically this month, try and tie up any loose ends financially and, wherever possible, cut ties that bind you, especially if money is linked to love or emotional connections in your life.

The planet of relating Venus moves into Libra on the 14th smoothing any ruffled feathers and is joined by action planet Mars in Libra on the 22nd. So this isn’t entirely the end of the road if you’re in the midst of a financial muddle or you’re negotiating a new financial contract.

By the end of October, however, you’ll feel as if you have the right people on your side and you might feel more ambitious about wanting to sort things out. Any money project will continue from now until the last month of the year.

Love too is in the picture early October and this could be linked to what’s happening with regard to money in your life. As October begins, love planet Venus is in Virgo and your relationship sector and so is Mars. Venus remains here until the 14th and Mars until the 22nd.

Plus, Venus and Mars, the lovers of the heavens, unite in the zodiac on the 5th, for the one and only time this year. Considering this happens in your relationship sector suggests a big deal. It looks very promising for love and it would be a gorgeous date to get hitched, to propose to the one you love or to connect in a way that feels lasting.

Saturn does square Venus on the 8th and Mars on the 11th so someone in your life might have a different agenda or not see things the way you do. Saturn is in Sagittarius and your career sector and mixing business and pleasure could be tricky to negotiate.

Either way, make the most of the relationship boost on the 5th and look out for the person who walks in and lights up your life.

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