Pisces Monthly Stars September 2013

Pisces Oil PaintingPisces (19 February-20 March)

Two of the personal planets begin the month in your opposite sign of Virgo ruling your one-to-one relationships and this theme is backed up by the lunar phases which focus on your own sign Pisces and your opposite sign Virgo.

The good news is that both the Sun and Mercury in Virgo have a smooth run through the heavens and boosted by other planets, you may find that a lot’s going right on the love front. The Sun teams up with Pluto on the 1st and your ruling planet Jupiter on the 7th.

Both these planets have a little bit of magic within them so conjure up something special for you and your other half or ask a friend for an introduction if you’re looking for love. Saturday the 7th feels generous or celebratory and is a great day for a social get-together if not a romantic connection.

Two days before there’s a New Moon on the 5th in Virgo, an excellent date for making a fresh start when it comes to love and partnership. You may feel you want to write a love letter or poem as Virgo is the sign that rules writing. The Full Moon on the 19th also highlights relationships as it cuts across the Pisces/Virgo axis, a great day for making a love decision and trusting your emotions.

Another excellent date for love this month is the 26th when Venus in Scorpio trines Jupiter, perfect for a holiday romance or an exotic date. Enjoy your relationships and your one-to-ones and make the most of them.

Virgo rules not only personal relationships but all one-on-one partnerships so this is an excellent month to get advice from other people in any area of your life that would benefit you. It may be finances, exercise and your health or career-related. Talk to people and use other peoples’ expertise to make life easier for you.

One area that may be challenging now is money but this is likely to be an ongoing issue, something which you have to address again. This is because, as the personal planets move through the sign of Libra ruling joint finances in your chart, they trigger a cardinal Grand Cross in the heavens. The planets in Libra create the fourth axis with three of the slower-moving planets Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto. Last month it was Venus’ turn over the Bank Holiday weekend in the UK (24th-27th August) and next month it’s the Sun’s turn on the 2nd/3rd October.

This month, however, it is Mercury’s turn, the planet of communication and it’s challenged by the outer planets from the 14th-20th September. Expect discussions around money and you may find that there are more demands on your money as well. Mercury in Libra is the negotiator and prefers calm debate to confrontation so listen to both sides of the story, remain open-minded where possible and do your best to work towards a solution that’s fair for everyone concerned.

One planet in particular is helping the Grand Cross and may be the solution that you’re looking for and that’s Mars in Leo throughout September. Leo is the sign that rules your work, your everyday routine and your health and Mars feels positive and confident in Leo. If you’re looking for work, it’s a great month to make it high priority and it’s through what you do for a living or using your skills that you can start to sort out any cash-related issue.

Being financially independent may be important to you now as you don’t want to be squabbling about money and you’d rather sort things out by earning your own whack. The 14th is especially lively when Mars trines Uranus in your cash sector and an out-of-the-blue opportunity can boost your earnings. If you’re offered work on this date, go for it as it’s a definite Yes.

There’s also a sense this month that you’ll benefit from looking at the bigger picture in life and where you’re heading and why. This is because the planets are starting to build in the sign of Scorpio which rules your 9th house of travel, learning and spirituality and any pursuit that gives meaning to your life and expands your world.

Venus enters Scorpio on the 11th so look out for people especially women who inspire you or teach you something new. Accept an invitation to a talk or course or arrange a holiday with a female friend.

Saturn has been in this sector of your chart since last October and you may have decided to embark on a longer course of study or have taken a sabbatical so you can pursue a life-long dream. Volunteering abroad would be perfect for Saturn in this sector of your chart or following a religious or spiritual path. One way or another, the bigger questions in life have taken on a serious tone with Saturn in the mix.

This may involve a group in which you’re involved and what happens on or around the 20th/21st makes a big impact upon you and turn the wheel of fortune. Questions will emerge around your friendships or your future destiny and you’re being asked to decide who or what is important to you and where in life you’re ready to let go and move on.

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