Pisces Monthly Stars October 2014

RainPisces (19 February – 20 March)

You know it’s going to be a big month when there are two eclipses, a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 8th and a Solar or New Moon eclipse on the 23rd, plus Mercury, the communication planet is retrograde (4th-25th).

This suggests that things are shadowy or hidden for much of the month of October and it’s hard to see your way forward clearly. Eclipses are connected with dramatic events that happen unexpectedly.

It’s something you didn’t see coming perhaps or life suddenly shows you a crossroads with a completely new sign directing you down a different path. Add Mercury to the mix and it’s as if you’re feeling your way forward blindfold for a while at least.

The trickiest period of the month is around the 8th when there’s a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse cutting across the Aries/Libra axis of your chart. Full Moons are emotional at the best of times as they bring matters to a head. The Aries/Libra axis focuses on money matters, what you own and earn, what you owe and lend and also your values and what possessions means to you.

This eclipse is particularly punchy as it’s caught up with a Venus-Uranus-Pluto T-square. The Uranus-Pluto clash has been ongoing for some time so in some respects this is nothing new. It may be an old issue that rears up again, a difficulty surrounding money, either a lack of cash coming in or a difference in the way you and someone close spend or regard money. It may involve a legal matter or an issue with an ex. Venus is the planet of love after all.

Libra wants you to deal with everything amicably and fairly but that’s not easy when people have differing opinions on what’s right and what’s rightfully theirs. If the eclipse offers a loophole out of a tricky situation, then you’re probably wise to take it. It could be a case of saying ‘enough is enough’ and moving on. You may not like everything that happens on or around the eclipse but trust that life will guide you and if there’s a loss on the one hand, hold true to the belief that you will gain in another way.

There’s also an incredibly dynamic Grand fire trine that connects in to the eclipse and this can most definitely be an outlet for you. This involves three planets; Mars, Uranus and Jupiter. Mars is the planet of action and ambition up at the top of your chart in the sign of Sagittarius. This is about your career, your vocation and where you’re heading in life and it’ s a go-getting daring energy. Uranus (change) is in Aries and your money sector and Jupiter (opportunity), your ruling planet, is in Leo and your work sector. Mars and Uranus trine on the 5th and Mars and Jupiter make a trine aspect on the 8th.

All these three planets are about being courageous, taking risks and flying high. It’s a fun, enthusiastic and energetic combination so look out for an offer that comes your way or a job that’s too good to miss out on. Yes, you may have to take a risk financially or let go of a situation that no longer works for you but it’s a wonderful time to begin a new adventure and grab life with both hands. A chance to earn your own money can help you pay your way out of an agreement or tie that’s restricting you or holding you back. You lose with one hand but you win with the other: this is typical eclipse symbolism.

It is also important that you don’t let yourself be rushed into making a decision if you’re not ready for it. Mercury is retrograde in Libra ruling your shared resources from the 10th-25th so use this to give yourself time and space to pay a debt or think about what you want to do financially. It’s never a wise time to make a big decision whilst Mercury’s on go slow and often you find that new information comes to light once Mercury turns direct (25th). So give yourself space to breathe, to be calm and to think things through.

The second eclipse of the month is a Solar or New Moon eclipse on the 23rd and this is a different energy that’s more in tune with who you are. This is because the eclipse takes place in your fellow water sign of Scorpio and it not only involves the Sun and Moon next to one another but these two planetary bodies are joined by Venus.

Venus, the planet of love and relating, is a big player this month which indicates that whatever events take place, they impact on your relationships. Or perhaps it’s events in your partner’s life which affect you both.

Scorpio is the sign that rules expansion in your chart; travel, study, spirituality, any activity that broadens your horizons and gives your life depth of meaning. Look out for new opportunities that come your way and in particular see if there’s an influential woman, a role model, someone who can help you or guide you. When the Moon and Venus are involved, this is a strong feminine energy so connect with the women in your life and build close working relationships.

Trust your intuition too and when the Sun and Venus team up with your ruling planet Neptune on the 27th/28th, follow your heart. This is about doing what’s right for you, whether it’s creative, romantic, devotional or simply inspirational. You can fall in love all over again with this combination. It may symbolise a relationship that has foreign or teacher/student ties or you discover your muse and engage with your poetic, artistic or musical skills.

Even more important, this may be a chance to do something that’s been on hold since late 2012 and once you say Yes, you know that you’re ready to dedicate a good chunk of 2015 to this part of your life.

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