Pisces Monthly Stars October 2012

Pisces MandalaThe big news this month is the planet Saturn changing signs which only happens once every 2-3 years. On the 5th, Saturn leaves behind the sign of Libra, where it’s been since 2009. Libra rules other peoples’ money in your chart so hopefully this signifies the end of a difficult chapter whether with regard to debt or other monies owed. Saturn can be something of a burden so, after the 5th, this signals a feeling of freedom around money.

This may link in to your home or family in some way. Perhaps you’re finally able to move after being tied in financially or a member of your family has a lucky financial break that has a knock on effect in your own life. Take note of what happens on or around the 9th when the Sun and Jupiter, your ruling planet, connect in the heavens and on the 15th when there’s a New Moon in this same sector of your chart. This feels hopeful and optimistic after a potentially tough couple of years.

Another key planet in your cash sector is Uranus in Aries. This relates to your own money, what you own and earn and Uranus is a livewire energy. It’s about money coming in and going out quickly and has the potential to turn your fortunes around overnight. On the 15th Uranus teams up with Mars at the top of your chart and this is an incredibly go-getting aspect for career and money success. It’s good for taking a risk, using the internet to aid you and generally giving your finances and work ventures an added boost. Be bold mid-month and create new and exciting projects in your own life.

On the 5th, Saturn changes signs as I mentioned earlier. It leaves behind Libra and moves into your fellow water sign of Scorpio. Mercury, planet of communication, joins Saturn in Scorpio and this is a sign that you’re seeking inspiration and will want to broaden your experience of life over the next couple of years. Mercury remains in Scorpio for a short while but it’s Saturn that’s interesting as it only finally leaves Scorpio in September 2015. So here’s your chance to commit to a travel project or study project or a spiritual or philosophical training.

What could you begin this month that you can work towards over the next couple of years? Where do you want to grow and what do you want to learn more about in your life? Are there qualifications you need or is there something you’d like to discover for the pure enjoyment of learning? These are the questions to ask yourself as you strive to find a greater purpose and meaning in your own life. For some, this coincides with a move abroad, a decision to emigrate and live in a different country.

Love too plays a key role in your life this month as Venus, the love planet, is in your opposite sign of Virgo from the 3rd-28th.The spotlight is on creating a successful working relationship and linking your own and your partner’s dreams together. Talk and inspire each other on the 16th and 23rd and see where your imagination takes you.

Neptune, your second ruling planet, is currently in Pisces sparking your dreams and creative imagination. Neptune’s strong this month too on the 11th and the 23rd so here’s your chance to manifest your desires. Neptune is a boundless planet and inspiration and dreams mean little if they can’t also be harnessed and shaped and formed into real life experiences. This is the gift that the heavens offer you this month that ayou can find a way to live your life the way you choose.

Whilst writing your monthly stars two of my favourite quotes came to mind. The first was, “Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul; dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal” and the second “Shoot for the moon; even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”. This month has the potential to be incredibly special for you, Pisces, a month when you can turn your dreams into reality.

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