Pisces Monthly Stars November 2014

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It may not be the last month of the year but the events that take place this November are significant for you as this is about making key decisions that set you up for the new year and 2015.

There will be times throughout the month when you have to give careful consideration to your next steps and decide clearly what you want to do and how you’re going to make progress.

The sign that dominates in November is Scorpio, a fellow water sign, and in your chart Scorpio rules travel and holidays, study and learning, philosophy and spirituality and anything that expands your experience of life. It’s about adventure, playing big and calls you out to make the most of your life.

A key planet that’s been in Scorpio since late 2012 is Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens. Saturn represents commitment and hard work so you may have been involved in a project over the last couple of years that’s been important for your personal development or furthering your qualifications.

You may have wanted to embrace a new adventure but Saturn can also put the damper on things, e.g. not getting a place on a course, postponing a major trip or having to wait for one reason or other to fulfil a personal ambition. The heat is now on and the time for action is now.

First though it’s important to look back to two key dates in October which may have acted as a signpost or a guide. Mercury turned retrograde in Scorpio on October 4th and there was a Solar or New Moon eclipse in Scorpio on October 23rd. Both these events are shadowy, potentially dramatic and you may have been more than a little confused about what to do with regard to those key areas of life mentioned above.

If you want to book a holiday or sabbatical, if you’re ready to commit to a course or area of study, then that time is now and for some, this may be the opposite, i.e. a decision to pull out of a long-term commitment that’s not worked out for you. This depends on your personal situation but the key dates in November which can bring clarity are the 6th – 10th.

On the 6th, there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Scorpio/Taurus axis of your horoscope. Full Moons heighten emotions but the Moon’s also at its brightest and this is revealing. If you’re on the verge of making a big decision about a plan or project for 2015, the Full Moon is the perfect opportunity to act.

Plus four days later on the 10th, Mercury (communication) is back at the place it was in the heavens where it turned retrograde last month. This means that Mercury is officially out of its shadow phase. You now have all the information you need to take action and you can make a decision with confidence.

This is your cue to try again where you failed in September/October, to chase up an application, to make that all-important phone call or send off an application. You can arrange an interview or a meeting; basically whatever it is that you want to achieve, you have the green light.

Saturn then makes close conjunctions to three of the personal planets; Venus (love) on the 13th, the Sun (self) on the 18th and Mercury (communication) on the 26th. This feels weighty, slowing you down but most importantly it indicates that October’s events were the beginning of the end. Whatever Saturn has represented for you over the last two years, you’re getting ready to change tack, let go and move on.

This really is key for you as it’s about your career, your vocation and where you’re heading as Saturn enters Sagittarius on December 23rd, the sign at the top of your chart ruling these areas of your life. Plus this month, the personal planets pave the way once again as they enter this same sector of your chart. Venus enters Sagittarius on the 16th followed by the Sun on the 22nd and Mercury on the 28th. Plus the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 22nd is a brilliant date to say Yes to a job or set new work intentions.

Your career is revving up and you are soon going to be offered a new position of responsibility or a promotion. This would be indicative of Saturn’s entry into your career sector. Yet, you have to get things right and as Saturn isn’t an easy energy, it may be that you have a tough decision to make.

It may feel as if you’re having to get serious about your work and career or take on a position or job that goes against what you believe in and yet it’s necessary. If you’ve been freewheeling through life, perhaps you realise that your happy-go-lucky way of life can’t continue or you make a tough decision not to go to university or study or take a much-needed holiday because work beckons. One way of life is coming to an end so a new stage can begin.

Your ruling planet Neptune is also strong this month and turns direct in the heavens on the 16th. Follow your dreams and let your imagination guide you. Turn to your friends too to hear what they have to say.

Mars is currently in Capricorn and your friendship sector and a new group or tribe in your life may link in to your next steps work-wise. Look out for friends in high places who can give you a step up the career ladder or seek out a role model, someone whose influence you respect.

The decisions you make now will have a knock-on effect in your life over the next few years so it’s vital that you get them right and know that whatever you commit to you will need to work hard and be in it for the long haul. Trust yourself and follow wherever life leads.

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