Pisces Monthly Stars May 2014

Pisces.15th centuryPisces (19 February-20 March)

As May begins, it’s time for some tough talking and to make some big decisions about what next. This may have been triggered by last month’s Solar Eclipse in Taurus which took place on April 29th. Taurus is the sign that rules communication in your chart and your ability to move about freely.

As the month begins, Mercury (communication) and the Sun (self) are currently in Taurus and this sector of your chart. Plus, on the 3rd and 10th respectively, they are opposed by mighty Saturn.

Saturn makes things serious and you’re not dealing with frivolous, pie-in-the-sky ideas. You’ve got to get down to the nitty-gritty of life and either have that conversation you’ve been avoiding or make a decision once and for all what you’re going to do about that holiday/study course/adventure/life experience. If you know you’ve been putting off cancelling an occasion or the opposite, booking a course or holiday, you’re facing decision time. Why it’s difficult depends on your current situation whether you have someone else you need to persuade or you simply can’t make up your own mind what to do.

Some of you may be involved in a life-improving activity on the weekends of the 3rd and 10th and this will take a lot of time/effort/energy but you’re determined to make it happen. It feels weighty and yet important too.

If there is one special event or occasion that you really want to happen, this is the month to make it so. After the teeth-pulling of the Saturn oppositions in the first half of May, there are two events which highlight success and progress. They are firstly the Full Moon which cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis on the 14th and a stunning Jupiter/Saturn connection on the 24th.

The Full Moon brings clarity and what’s hidden is revealed. It can be a time of enlightenment, celebration or pleasure. If you’re on a trip away, yeah! If you want to take a big step towards a big event in your life that takes you out of your comfort zone, double yeah!

The Jupiter/Saturn connection is the true wonderment of the month and with both these planets in water signs, Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio, this is a time when you’re in flow and literally ‘in your element’. What’s more Jupiter is your ruling planet and in Cancer this highlights entertainment, creativity, children, love affairs and good times.

This is about discovering your passion and doing whatever makes your heart sign. There may be news of a pregnancy, you fall in love, there’s a creative success or you find yourself saying Yes to a new big adventure. Book it and commit to it on or around the 24th with or without your partner.

It’s also a lively month at home as Mercury, the communication planet, is in Gemini and your home and family sector from the 7th-29th. This makes your home the perfect venue for chatter and socialising or perhaps you’re spending more time with the ones you love. It’s a good month to talk home and family affairs, whether you’re planning a move or a family get-together. Do it now before Mercury turns retrograde next month and reverses back through Gemini from June 17th-July1st.

If you’re waiting to hear about money matters, things shift here too on or around the 20th when Mars, the action planet, picks up speed in the sector of your chart that rules joint finances. Mars has been on go slow since early March so if you’ve been waiting to hear about a mortgage or other financial matter, Mars turning direct indicates a green light and a chance to make swift progress.

Before this takes place, however, there is a mini re-run of the Grand Cross which dominated April’s stars and which peaked over the Easter weekend. For you this involves the money sectors of your chart and there may be a flare up of a situation that played out in your life last month. This will concern where your money goes, who pays for what, spending restrictions, etc. and involves a child or a friend or a lover.

The situation is re-ignited from the 11th-18th when Venus in Aries clashes with the Grand Cross planets. You need to check that you’re on track with things financially and not get pulled into a clash or conflict over money if you can help it. Dampen down the flames and don’t let things get out of hand.

The good news with Venus in Aries from the 3rd-29th is that this is a good month to treat yourself or spend money, especially on your home or family.

This is a month for making things happen and even if you find you feel unsure or worried on or around the 11th or 28th, know that when you take action you quieten the inner workings of your mind. No-one can be in control all of the time but sometimes it’s when you take charge (in this instance, at home or with regard to money) that you feel good about yourself.

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  1. Hi Sally.have just enjoyed reading the May horoscope for my sun sign of Pisces….sounding like an improvement on the challenges i faced(and overcome successfully!)in April.May i ask which sign i should also be reading along with?(you mention the Ascendant?).Wishing you a Happy Healthy and Adventurous month ahead…and will be keeping my fingers &toes x’d for the Competition draw later this month!

    1. hi Deborah, yes hopefully May will be easier for many of us. Your Ascendant sign is the sign that was rising when you were born. To determine it, you need to know your time of birth. I can check it out for you if you send me your date, time and place of birth. Drop me an email if you wish. best, Sally

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