Pisces Monthly Stars May 2013

Pisces KitschensyngkPisces (19 February-20 March)

As May begins there are four personal planets in your communication sector, the Sun (self), Mars (action), Venus (relating) and Mercury (mind). This is where the action’s at and as all four planets are in the earthy sign of Taurus, the more productive and organised you are, the more you can achieve.

It’s often a busy time when planets are in this sector of your chart as it rules local travel, your neighbourhood, to-ing and fro-ing and being busy with life close to home. Endless lists, lots of emails and texts to catch up on and 101 things to do.

At times you may lose sight of the bigger picture or find yourself questioning what it’s all about. There’s little time to stop and smell the flowers. Taurus prefers to do things slowly so make a conscious effort to prioritise what’s important and savour each moment as best you can.

There may be a disappointment early in the month which concerns a holiday, course or some other wished-for opportunity. This is because Saturn, the planet of limitation, is opposing the planets in Taurus and Saturn’s often more about what you can’t do than what you can do. More importantly, Saturn asks you to be realistic about your situation and take the sensible option. Sometimes it’s harder to get where you want to be and this may be the case for you if you’re involved in any kind of publishing deal, education or legal matter.

The key to your success lies in being persistent and determined and to market yourself well. Don’t forget that with so many planets in your sign of communication this is about spreading the word and gathering information or advice so you’re as well informed as possible.

The tipping point comes on the 10th when there’s a solar or New Moon eclipse in Taurus and this same sector of your chart. Eclipses can mean something’s taken away but often it’s by wiping the slate clean and closing a door that you create the space for new energy to come in and a sense of renewal. Notice what you hear on or around the 10th and what information or new opportunity comes your way. Bide your time but when you look back on this date you may realise how significant a turning point it was for you. Taurus also rules siblings and neighbours in your chart so this may be about your relationship with someone close to you.

The personal planets then begin to change sign; Venus is first on the 9th followed by Mercury on the 15th and the Sun on the 20th. They all enter Gemini, the sign down at the base of your chart, and switch the emphasis to your home and family and domestic matters. This is when life begins to get really exciting.

This is because your traditional ruling planet Jupiter is in Gemini where it’s been since June 2012 and at the end of next month Jupiter moves on, so this is the grand finale. Jupiter’s an expansive planet and rules good fortune and new opportunity. On the 27th/28th, Jupiter teams up with first Mercury and then Venus and next month will also connect with the Sun in Gemini. This signals a fanfare, a celebration and reason to be happy. Whether you’re organising a family event, there’s good news in the family or you’re moving home, you can expect positive activity linked to your home and family, your roots and where you come from.

It’s also via your home or family that extra money is coming your way, whether you sell stuff online or at a car boot sale, begin a family business, rent out a room or make money selling or buying property. Take note of what happens on the 18th and 21st, when first Venus and then Mercury team up with the innovative planet Uranus in your money sector.

The only shadow at the end of the month is another eclipse, a lunar or Full Moon eclipse cutting across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis of your chart on the 25th. This is an important Full Moon as not only is it an eclipse so it’s extra powerful, but it’s square to your co-ruling planet Neptune. This spells emotion and a lot of it and as it’s the last eclipse in a cycle of eclipses that began in December 2010, it indicates a major chapter in your life coming to an end.

Neptune points towards sentimentality and reminiscing over the past. If you find yourself questioning the direction your life’s heading in then remember what’s important to you. With Jupiter down at the base of your chart and so strong a couple of days after the eclipse, this may well be about the importance of family and putting the ones you love first. Jupiter is both a protective and a blessed influence in life.

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