Pisces Monthly Stars March 2014

Pisces JaipurPisces (19 February-20 March)

The Sun is in Pisces as March begins and for many of you it’s time to celebrate your birthday. There is good reason for celebration too as the month begins in a way that suggests life is moving swimmingly.

This is because on the 1st there’s a New Moon in Pisces, a symbol of new beginnings and making a fresh start in life. It’s a brilliant date to launch a project and to focus on your personal goals, what you want and need in life. Plus, the Sun in Pisces makes a glorious trine aspect to your traditional ruling planet Jupiter on the 1st and this feels especially lucky and fun.

Jupiter rules the good things in life, it’s wherever you expand your vision and play big. Jupiter is currently in the sign of Cancer, a fellow water sign and this puts the spotlight on love affairs, your children, entertainment and your creativity. This is about the things that bring you pleasure in life and indulging yourself to the utmost.

On the 6th, Jupiter turns direct in the heavens after having been on go slow since early November 2013. This feels a positive turn-around for you and Jupiter remains in forward motion in Cancer until mid-July 2014. This gives you the green light if you want to get pregnant, you wish to fall in love or you want to get a book published or paint your masterpiece. Whatever your personal dream, this is your time to work on it and make it happen. Jupiter’s all about getting in the flow, being inspired and having trust and faith in life.

The other key date with regard to Jupiter is the 26th when Mercury and Jupiter make a trine aspect in the heavens. Mercury is also your partner planet so a good date for relationships in general and getting on well with the people you love. Mercury is the communication planet too so make the time to talk and enjoy being in each other’s company.

Another important date this month for love and relationships is the 16th when there’s a Full Moon cutting across the Virgo/Pisces axis of your horoscope. Full Moons are often emotional and dramatic but they bring significant events and often signify a culmination or a completion. Cutting across your relationship axis, this is a powerful weekend for love and for you to gain some clarity about what you want and need in a key 1-to-1 relationship. If you’re not in a personal relationship, then this may be about a professional partnership and working closely alongside another person.

Love and relationships do feel rather secretive this month as Venus, the Goddess of love, moves into Aquarius and the hidden sector of your chart on the 5th where she remains throughout March. This often signifies an affair or falling for someone who’s not available. It suggests secret or hidden emotions and for whatever reason, you’re not ready to declare your love or move a relationship into the public eye. This will change come next month when Venus moves into your sign of Pisces. For now, there’s a sense of subterfuge or intrigue surrounding your love life.

Two key planets turn retrograde as March begins. One is Saturn in Scorpio and your travel and learning sector which is on go slow from the 2nd of this month to mid-July 2014 and the other is Mars, the action plant, turning retrograde in Libra and your joint finance sector on the 1st. Mars remains on go slow until May 20th 2014. Put the two together and you may decide that you can’t afford a holiday at the moment or a course that you hoped to attend. Retrograde planets can sometimes bring a disappointment or a dead end.

Mars is the most important of these retrogrades and is urging you to pay attention to money matters and to get your finances sorted out as best you can. Don’t put things off now or procrastinate especially if you know there’s a certain money matter that requires your attention however difficult it may be. Emotional and financial affairs may be linked as well, so perhaps you need to find a way to back out of an agreement that’s no longer working for you.

Mars retrograde turns your attention inward so it’s a perfect time to work on your money mind set and if you know that money arouses strong emotions within you, such as guilt or fear, how best to deal with them. On the 20th the Sun enters Aries and your personal cash sector followed by a New Moon in Aries on the 30th. So crack on with your money strategy and sort out your financial situation and make it a matter or urgency if necessary.

You are at your most creative and innovative now with Mercury, the communication planet, moving into your sign of Pisces on the 17th. The 22nd in particular is a brilliant date to use your imagination and vision to good effect when Mercury teams up with your modern ruler Neptune.

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  1. I need prediction in short and sweet . whether I will be very rich within two month? I have take part in one contast and result will be declared about 30/4/2014.

    1. This isn’t the type of prediction that I usually like to work with as there are many different factors to take into account starting with the birth chart. Looking at the astrology for the event, there’s an eclipse the day before the result at 8 Taurus so it depends where the eclipse falls in your own chart. Eclipses can predict turn-around events where one person wins and another person loses. The trick is to try and end up on the winning side. Good luck!

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