Pisces Monthly Stars March 2013

Pisces Maldives StampPisces (19 February-20 March)

There’s a lot going on in your sign of Pisces as the month begins but ironically the slower your pace of life, the easier it is to feel your way forward. Yours is an emotional and intuitive sign and you’re at your best when you go with the flow and balance action with contemplation and deep self-reflection.

At times this month you are going to be confused about your path in life and feel unsure about what to do or even what to say. This has a lot to do with Mercury, the planet of communication, retrograde in your sign of Pisces until the 17th. On the one hand, this brings miscommunication and misunderstandings, which can be frustrating and mean that instead of going directly from A to B, your route is all around the houses.

You waste time when plans don’t work out, cheques arrive made out to the wrong name and a myriad number of other irritating daily distractions. So even more reason to breathe deeply, go with the flow and try and ride out the small stuff. It’s also a good idea to put off any major decisions or big events until after the 17th.

However, there is one exception and this is love. Even though it’s not ideal to marry when Mercury’s retrograde, you do have Venus, planet of love, in your sign of Pisces and this is incredibly romantic. Venus is exalted in Pisces and the planet of love adores the compassionate and sensitive water sign. This is emotional, kind and brings out the best in people. Whatever your relationship situation, ensure that you’re with someone or look out for someone who’s caring and supportive. Be a positive role model to others and be tender and loving in your close relationships.

The first week of the month looks promising for a honeymoon or a romantic holiday with Saturn, planet of commitment, in harmonious aspect to the Pisces planets. Saturn is currently in your house of travel, study and experiencing life to the full. This is a wonderful month for you to explore whatever takes your fancy.

Life live fully and try out new experiences. Routine and everyday activities can wear you down if you don’t have something to look forward to and healthy forms of escapism in your life. Pisces’ planet Neptune rules photography, film, music, poetry and spirituality.

On the 11th, there’s also a New Moon in your sign of Pisces, which is an excellent date to start a new activity, launch a new project and begin something new. Make a wish when you first see the crescent Moon in the sky as it’s believed to come true. This is a great date to recommit to any New Year resolution afresh.

As the month progresses, turn your attention towards money and finances and ensure that you get your ducks in a row. Mars, the action planet, enters Aries and your money sector on the 12th, followed by the Sun on the 20th and Venus on the 22nd. In addition, Uranus, the planet of unpredictability is also in this part of your chart and this brings change and surprises. This can mean good news coming your way regarding cash but be ready to act fast and take advantage of whatever takes place.

Uranus is involved with the Full Moon on the 27th and this is a volatile mix. If you’re involved in any kind of financial dispute or struggle, don’t sit back and do nothing. Be proactive with money matters and stand up for your rights. It may be a case of ‘win some, lose some’, however, so don’t take financial risks unless you can afford to lose your investment.

Having said that a get-rich-quick scheme or lottery punt could pay out nicely if you choose your date carefully. Your planet Jupiter teams up with Mars on the 26th and Venus on the 31st so on those dates you’re luckier than most. Do whatever feels right for you.

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