Pisces Monthly Stars June 2014

Pisces Month of MarchPisces (19 February-20 March)

Jupiter, your traditional ruling planet, is picking up speed as it dashes through the final stage of it’s journey in your fellow water sign of Cancer. Mid-July Jupiter’s moving on so you will want to make the most of this glorious transit and prioritise fun, entertainment, play, love affairs and either spend time with your kids or pick up the pace in producing one.

However, life may have other ideas and even though one of your two fishes is keen to hang out in the playground, the other fish is holding back and even swimming in the opposite direction. A lot depends what happens on or around the 7th when Mercury turns retrograde in this same sector of your chart. Mercury retrograde often indicates an about-turn, a change of heart and indecision.

This indecision may concern love, a new relationship or a love affair. Someone may blow hot and cold, keen one minute and not bothered the next. Let things be if life takes a turn that’s not of your own choosing. You may have to prove that you can be patient and bide your time and wait.

Things start to pick up pace from the 21st onward when the Sun moves into Cancer on the day of the Summer Solstice followed by a New Moon in Cancer on the 27th. A New Moon is a chance for new beginnings and making a fresh start. Notice who’s in your life on or around this date and who you want to be with. Once Mercury’s back in Cancer mid-July, you’ll be ready for a big announcement concerning romance or children.

Home and family matters are also key now and if you can spend time with the ones you love, go for it. Be extra flexible however as Mercury reverses into Gemini and this sector of your chart on the 17th. You need to have plan B and C up your sleeve especially if you’re visiting family or taking a trip down memory lane. Mercury retrograde is notorious for travel disruption, miscommunication and general mayhem. The important thing is to show willing.

You may need more than willingness on the weekend of the 13th-15th when there’s not only a powerful Full Moon cutting across the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of your horoscope but the relating planets, Venus and Mars, clash with Saturn and Pluto respectively. This is a time when you’re faced with a clear decision between home and work. The pointers are there showing you the way forward but you need to create firm boundaries or cut something out of your life in order to take advantage of a new opportunity.

This isn’t always easy for you being a Pisces as boundaries aren’t your forte and you don’t like feeling that other people are upset. You’re a sensitive soul but your work situation is changing and come the middle of next month, you’ll be heading off on a new adventure. It may be that part of this month’s task is to get other people in your life ready for what you’re about to embark on and the changes that will inevitably take place before too long.

Venus, the planet of relating, is in your communication sector until the 23rd when she then enters your home and family sector. Even with Mercury retrograde, it’s your job to continue to feed information to the ones you love or continue to play around with your ideas and gather new information that you know will help you achieve your goals in the long run. Mercury retrograde is often a time of research and planting new ideas which can then grow and blossom once they’ve had time to develop underground.

The most important conversation you can have this month is with yourself and this requires a period of soul-searching. Two key planets turn retrograde in your own sign of Pisces in June. One is Neptune, your co-ruler, on the 9th and the second is Chiron on the 20th. The biggest sea-change is going on within yourself and it’s important to create the time and space so you can listen to your inner voice and know and trust that you’re moving in the right direction.

At times you may feel as if you’re lost at sea or unsure of where to go next but as always with you, Pisces, it’s this meandering and wandering that’s powerful, creative and imaginative and the way you find your way forward. You can’t miss out this stage and that’s even more evident this month with Mercury on go slow and two key planets making an about-turn in your sign of Pisces.

It will take time for you to settle now and let go of anything you’ve outgrown or outworn. Once that process is complete, then you will feel revitalised and can start afresh. Mid-July promises new beginnings and then some.

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