Pisces Monthly Stars July 2014

Rainbow on the seaPisces (19 February-20 March)

July promises to be a big month with two key planets changing signs indicating a fresh input of energy. Your sign is water ruling the emotions and in July you lose a planet in a water sign and gain one.

The big news for you is the fact that your traditional ruling planet Jupiter is on the move on the 16th when it leaves behind Cancer and enters Leo. Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity and it has an expansive and boundless quality that taps into your desire to escape everyday reality and experience bliss in life. Jupiter takes approximately one year to journey through each sign of the zodiac and since June 2013, Jupiter has been in your fellow water sign of Cancer.

Jupiter in Cancer is a protective influence and Cancer rules all the good things in life, such as children, love affairs, creativity and entertainment. For some, there’s been the blessing of a pregnancy or a birth or new grandchild and for others a new and happy love affair or the birth of a creative project. It’s not all been plain sailing whilst Jupiter’s been in Cancer, however, as there’s been the small issue of the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square that has dominated the heavens since 2012.

Jupiter in Cancer wants to focus on the now and enjoy every moment whilst the Uranus-Pluto square throws things up in the air and changes your plans suddenly. Uranus is in Aries and your money sector and Pluto is in Capricorn ruling friends, groups and your future goals. This is a powerful combination urging you to take risks perhaps but also with the danger of collapse or failure close behind. You win some and you lose some.

Jupiter moves on from the sign of Cancer this month but the personal planets pick up the baton. The Sun in Cancer clashes with the Uranus-Pluto square on the 4th-8th, Mercury does the same from the 22nd-25th and Venus opposes Pluto on the 28th. The best way to deal with the Uranus-Pluto phenomenon is to cut your losses and run. If you’ve been caught out financially, let go and move on. If you’ve been faced with emotional challenges concerning a friend or a child, start over and begin again. Uranus is the planet of reinvention and urges you to seek out what’s new and innovative. You close a door on the past so you can open a new door that leads to a bright new future.

Two planets have been incredibly supportive throughout all of this, which continues in the month of July. Saturn in Scorpio and your modern ruling planet Neptune in your sign of Pisces both connect with the planets in Cancer in a helpful and supportive manner. This is about having faith and trust in the universe, being willing to forgive or putting boundaries and rules in place in your own life so you don’t get caught out a second time.

More support comes your way in the shape of family or loved ones as two key planets are in Gemini down at the base of your chart as July begins. One of these planets is Mercury, the planet of communication, which turns direct in Gemini on the 1st and this is the equivalent of a green light whether you receive good news or new information comes to light. Mercury in Gemini is chatty and sociable and this is a wonderful opportunity to chinwag with your family and put the world to rights. Mercury remains in Gemini until the 13th and you can pick up on a conversation or topic that was significant in May. Mercury’s retrograde motion slowed everything down last month in June but now you can speed things up and move any family or home-related matter in the right direction.

Plus Venus joins Mercury in Gemini and these two together are a sociable combination. Venus is the Goddess of love and in Gemini this facilitates the flow of communication between you and your other half or you and your loved ones. Venus remains in Gemini until the 18th so pick up the phone and talk to someone you’ve been missing or reconnect with a long-lost family member or hold out the olive branch of peace. Forgive and forget and move on.

This is a lovely time to be more social at home and throw a party or invite round your friends or the neighbours. If you live in the northern hemisphere, make the most of the summer sunshine. There’s lightness and a breezy feel to your stars with the emphasis on sociable air signs. This is confirmed by Mars’ final stage through the sign of Libra where he’s been since December 2012.

Mars and Venus connect on the 13th, a wonderful day for love, but money matters too prosper under these stars. Venus rules not only love but money and on the 7th Venus connects with spontaneous Uranus in Aries and your money sector and on the 13th with Mars in Libra and your shared resources sector.

Turn to family if you’re in need of financial or emotional support and be there for the ones you love too. It’s a two-way relationship and together you’re bigger and better than you are on your own. You may come up with a novel idea on how you can rent out a room or change your living situation in some way to benefit you and your family.

So what does Jupiter’s move into Leo mean for you where it will remain until August 11th 2015? Leo rules your work, your everyday routine, your service to others and your health. This is a lively combination and it gives you extra get up and go. You may find the ideal job that frees up your time or fall in love with volunteering or find it easy and enjoyable to take part in activities and develop daily habits that boost your well-being.

Take notice of the opportunities that come your way towards the end of the month when the Sun and Jupiter align in Leo on the 24th followed by a New Moon in Leo on the 26th. Both these events signal celebration and new beginnings. Your work, health and routine will soon be zinging with life and vitality.

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed reading what is to come in the Stars for July…what an upbeat month July is going to be.!

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