Pisces Monthly Stars July 2012

Pisces Maldives StampThis month there’s major planetary action in your money sectors, both your own money and other peoples’. Mars, planet of action and energy, enters Libra, the sign that rules joint finances in your chart, on the 3rd where it remains until late August.

This signals it’s the perfect time to take the initiative with money matters, sort out any issues that need addressing and look at ways of not only improving your financial situation but ensuring that debts are paid and your money’s as safe as it can be. For some, you may be busy with a property matter, dealings with a financial institution or sorting out investments or an inheritance.

Everything peaks mid-month when there’s some positive action at the same time as a major clash in the heavens. Firstly, Mars is in a helpful aspect with your planet Jupiter on the 17th. Jupiter’s in Gemini, down at the base of your horoscope, spotlighting home, family and domestic affairs. Mars and Jupiter together are an abundant energy, it feels optimistic and expansive. But on the same day Mars clashes with Pluto and two days later on the 19th Mars opposes Uranus.

The Mars-Uranus opposition is the big one cutting across the financial sectors of your chart. Uranus brings sudden change so for some this may be a second party who thinks they’re owed money or a legal issue. It’s a volatile energy and you may find that not everyone is as ethical or just as you would like. You may even be tempted to cut corners yourself which to be honest isn’t wise. At the very least be aware that you’re playing a dangerous game with a certain amount of risk and consequences involved if you do so.

But the good news this month is that Uranus is incredibly active and makes a lot of helpful aspects to other planets so you’re not alone. The key dates to note are 4th, 5th, 22nd, 24th and 31st. Venus is in Gemini as well as Jupiter, so your home, family or your past may play a part in helping you out financially. If you’re seeking extra cash, look at ways you can use your home to earn extra money or perhaps it’s someone in the family who finds a new and unusual way to bring in cash. Be open to opportunity, check out ideas on the internet and put your creative brain to good use in order to flush out money-making opportunities.

Another planet involved with Uranus is Mercury, the talk planet, currently in Leo and your work and health sector. This signals the possibility of part-time work, a volunteer position or earning extra cash through a hobby or craft. You may be involved in fund-raising or charity work, perhaps through your place of work, and it adds up to a lively and fun atmosphere.

Mercury is your partner planet, the planet that rules your one-to-one relationships and it’s important to note that on the 15th, Mercury turns retrograde and remains on go-slow until 8th August. So this period isn’t the time to make big decisions about love or marriage but rather talk things through and reflect on your current situation. Think about how your everyday routine affects your love life too, whether you’re both at home a lot or both busy with work and social events. Do you spend too much time together or not enough? Look at ways of changing your routine to fit your relationship and improve your quality of life in general. The Sun joins Mercury on the 22nd in Leo, a good date to commit to a better way of living, whether it’s about diet, fitness or your spiritual well-being.

There’s a real sense for you this month that happiness comes when you get the balance of life right. Focus on the smaller things in life, your routine, the people you see every day, and remind yourself what there is to be grateful about. We all have our ups and downs in life but sometimes it’s a shift in how we perceive our lives that makes the biggest difference. I saw a great quote today on Twitter by Seneca, who followed the Stoic philosophy: “It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.” Bear this in mind as you move through July and be grateful for life’s simple pleasures.

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