Pisces Monthly Stars January 2013

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Happy New Year! As 2013 begins, it’s the perfect time to think about the year ahead and what you want from it. Both the Sun and Mercury are in the sector of your chart that rules your future, making plans and finding dreams and schemes to follow and believe in.

The 1st is an especially significant date as Mercury, planet of communication, teams up with your ruling planet Neptune in Pisces. This is wonderful for allowing yourself to dream and be inspired and to envision what the future holds.

It’s perfect for making lists or New Year resolutions but more than that, it’s a deeper form of communication so don’t limit yourself to words. Use images or your psychic ability to conjure up your heart’s deepest desires.

Friends too play a powerful role in your life early in the year and being with friends who inspire you and know how to bring out the best in you helps you redefine your wants and needs. Team up with a good friend and sign up for a course or attend a talk together. The New Moon on the 11th is a wonderful date to begin some thing new and to sow seeds that can grow and flourish. With Saturn in your fellow water sign of Scorpio, knowledge is power and gaining new qualifications can help you achieve your long-term goals.

When Saturn is in your learning sector, however, you may find that you doubt your abilities or feel you lack qualifications but don’t let fear stop you. Saturn’s a slow burn planet and with steady application and discipline you can accomplish a great deal. Saturn and Pluto are currently linked in the heavens as they’re in each others’ signs and they work together in unison. You can bring about profound change in your life now if you commence a two to three year course of study. It won’t be easy but if you dig deep you can find the necessary discipline to achieve your goals.

This is also a month when you benefit from creating more quiet time in your life and tapping in to your inner intuition. If you do any form of meditation or relaxation, ensure this becomes a regular part of your daily routine but don’t limit it to these activities. It’s up to you to discover what helps you listen to your inner voice whether it’s a daily dog walk, running, listening to music, reading poetry or a long soak in the bath. Find your own creative outlet that allows you to stop being busy and is your own form of meditation.

This is particularly important this month as it will help you find ways to sort out financial and home and family related matters. You may be amazed by the ingenious ideas you can come up with once you start allowing yourself to think outside of the box and trust your intuition. Mars, the action planet, spends all month in the sign of Aquarius, the sign before yours in the zodiac, so your inner life is going to be busy and productive. The first week of the year brings a breakthrough as does the week beginning the 21st when the Sun and Mercury, planet of communication, have joined Mars in Aquarius.

The Full Moon on the 27th is powerful for you too, not only to help point the way forward in your life, but with regard to work, your daily routine and your health and well-being. Make caring for and looking after yourself not only a physical activity but a holistic experience. It’s about feeding your mind, body and soul and preparing yourself fully for the year ahead.

Another important pointer for you is the 30th when your second ruling planet Jupiter turns direct in Gemini, down at the base of your chart. This gives you the green light to make progress with home and family matters and perhaps with regard your past and where you come from.

Jupiter remains in Gemini until late June so if you want to move, emigrate, renovate, take a trip down memory lane, organise a family get-together, here’s your opportunity. Jupiter urges you to be expansive, take risks and to live life to the full. This month is a key month for you, preparing the ground work and yourself for the excitement and new adventures that lie ahead.

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3 thoughts on “Pisces Monthly Stars January 2013”

  1. Sally, thanks for a great January forecast. I always feel you are speaking directly to me when I read what you have to say.

    Wishing you a fab 2013…

    Marion x

    1. Thanks Marion. That’s lovely to hear you feel I’m speaking to you directly. That’s what I aim for… Happy New Year to you too. Sallyx

  2. Sally, thanks for a great January forecast. I always feel you are speaking directly to me when I read what you have to say.

    Wishing you a fab 2013…

    Marion x

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