Pisces Monthly Stars February 2014

Pisces Ukraine StampPisces (19 February-20 March)

Mercury, the planet of communication, is in your sign of Pisces as the month begins and with the Moon in Pisces as well on the 1st & 2nd, this feels emotionally satisfying as if you’re in the flow of life. Mercury is your partner planet so if you want some quality time with your other half, drop everything else and make to time to connect on the first weekend of the month

Mercury is up to its tricks, however, this month and turns retrograde on the 6th in your sign. As the month begins you may find that you’re full of new ideas and raring to go but for one reason or another you’re stopped in your tracks. It’s always a good idea to back up important data before Mercury turns retrograde and to double check all correspondence and communications whilst Mercury’s on go slow.

Mercury retrograde turns your attention inward as if the most important action is going on inside of you rather than out in the world. This is a perfect time to focus on your personal development, to learn meditation or any other activity that allows you to quieten down, be silent and retreat. You can’t rush things this month as not only is Mercury on go slow but key planets are moving through the sign of Aquarius, the most hidden sector of your chart.

You may be keeping a confidence or be dealing with information that’s private. Perhaps you’re trying to get hold of someone who’s disappeared or you’re feeling unsure of your next stage in life. Remember to be kind and compassionate to yourself and others

where necessary and be aware that when Mercury’s retrograde, information is often slow to come to light and you only hear news you’ve been waiting for once Mercury turns direct which takes place on the 28th, the last day of February.

This is a top month for being your true Piscean self whether you’re a carer, a poet, a creative or a visionary. This is because the Sun enters your sign of Pisces on the 18th and makes only one aspect before the end of the month which is a close connection to your modern ruling planet Neptune on the 23rd.

Neptune is the planet of dreams and the imagination and it’s a boundless quality. You can soar high and swim deep when Neptune’s in action. Take a holiday by the sea or indulge in your favourite activities and let your Piscean side shine brightly. You’re the saviour of the zodiac and a romantic soul. You may fall head over heels in love this month or become entranced by something new which grabs your interest and won’t let go.

Do be aware though that Neptune’s realm is a million miles away from the harsh truth of reality and every fairy tale has an ending. So enjoy and indulge yourself and do the things that you want to do and that make you happy but don’t expect to make great strides in the more practical side of life this month.

There could be times when you feel less confident especially around mid-month and be craving a different way or life or a more creative vocation. Again be kind on yourself and take small steps that lead you towards your chosen goal. Practising daily gratitude can help and remember that sometimes it’s the simple or little things in life that have the greatest impact on your well-being.

You may find you’re thinking about money matters and working out how to balance the different financial elements in your life. Mars, the action planet, is currently in your joint finance sector and you’re wise to try and sort out any joint cash transaction over the next few weeks rather than leave it until March. Trust your intuition here and do what feels right.

The most interesting and exciting planetary aspect takes place on the 26th when your ruling planet Jupiter in your fellow water sign of Cancer squares up to Uranus in Aries. Cancer rules all the good things in your life such as entertainment, fun, children and love affairs and Aries rules your personal money. You may decide to make a radical move towards the end of the month to save you money or to splurge on the one you love.

Together Jupiter and Uranus are about breaking the rules and doing things differently and trusting in life and faith. As Jupiter is strong in Cancer and it’s your ruling planet, you may experience a lucky break that leaves you better off financially. It’s a promising time to take a risk as long as you’re prepared to accept a loss as well as a win. There are no guarantees with a square aspect but being spontaneous and following your heart can bring about a powerful turn of events.

This month isn’t geared up for you moving directly from A to B or taking the conventional routine to success, instead go with the flow and see where life leads. Put off the big decisions for now and instead enjoy and make the most of the start of your birthday month.


4 thoughts on “Pisces Monthly Stars February 2014”

  1. Hi Sally,
    Thank you for sending me your first monthly newsletter, I found it very informative!
    I’m Pisces with ascendant Leo and you said to check out my sun sign as well as the ascendant sign. As the full moon on 14th February is in Leo, do you think this will have a big impact in my romantic sector as well, although I’m Pisces and not Leo?

    Thank you.


    1. hi Enrica,
      Thank you for your comment and yes, it will be an important Full Moon for you as it falls across your Ascendant/Descendant – the relationship axis of your chart. It will be especially potent if your Ascendant is within 5 degrees of the Full Moon which is 26 Leo. A Full Moon often represents a defining moment and is an important time to make a relationship-based decision, either personal or professional. A Leo Ascendant wants to shine bright and you can do that with a glorious Full Moon in Leo on Valentines Day.

  2. hi sally,
    I am piscean, born on march 7,1992 @ 4.15pm .
    I am really worried about my career (I mean job). can u tell me about my career this year. I m in search of new job with good salary package. will I get good one???

    1. hi Daphne, thanks for your comment. Being a Pisces, Jupiter is a key planet for you as it rules your sign. Jupiter’s change of sign in July may shift things for you once it moves into confident Leo. Your key months for job progress are November/December 2014. Be patient and persistent until then and don’t give up. If you want a full consultation, check out my Consultations & Reports package and I would be happy to help you further. best, Sally

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