Pisces Monthly Stars February 2013

Pisces Greek StampPisces (19 February-20 March)

The personal planets quickly gather in your sign of Pisces this month and by month’s end, the Sun (vitality), Mars (action), Mercury (communication) and Venus (love) are all in your sign. However, this is not straightforward as it’s a complex picture and when it comes to personal goals, you may find that your path is indirect, roundabout and turns full circle.

This is because your planet Neptune is in Pisces, the planet of divine inspiration. On one level, this is wonderful news as it enhances all the good things about Pisces, your sensitivity, compassion, your artistic and mystical abilities and your colourful imagination.

However, when Neptune gets too close and personal with other planets, you can’t see the wood for the trees and it’s as if you’re looking at your life through a fog. It’s tricky to make firm decisions when Neptune’s prominent and it may help to recognise Neptune’s symbolism as God of the sea. The sea is deep and vast and it’s easy to lose yourself in it. There are no clear boundaries between water and land as the tide ebbs and flows, so there’s a boundless nature to Neptune. This is why you may feel as if you’re turning full circle or feel unsure or uncertain which path in life to take.

Neptune connects with Mars on the 4th, Mercury on the 6th, the Sun on the 21st and Venus on the 28th. These are wonderful dates for romance and increased creativity but they’re also times when you may lose sight of reality or be tempted by an addiction or infatuation. Neptune rules both saints and sinners and when Neptune’s strong, you’re rarely satisfied with life as it is; you want something more.

Once you understand this drive, it’s easier to work with it. Still your mind, be peaceful; use art, music, poetry or film to inspire you; follow a spiritual path; fall in love and soar high. Take the high road to happiness and avoid the low road that will only spiral downwards and out of control. If you need insight or understanding, turn to a friend or someone in your social circle who is a wise soul and can help you. The 12th and 15th are especially powerful dates to ask for support and advice.

When it comes to love, you may find that what you’re dealing with is secret or hidden. This is because Venus, the planet of love is in Aquarius, the sign before yours, and a hidden sector of your chart. You may be infatuated with someone who’s unavailable or be tempted by an affair. For whatever reason, love has to remain private until Venus moves into your sign of Pisces on the 26th.

The planet that rules ‘the other’ in your solar chart is Mercury and as this is one of the months of the year when Mercury turns retrograde on the 23rd, this clouds a relationship issue. It’s important not to rush into things this month and there’s another reason for this. Your co-ruler is Jupiter and Jupiter squares planets in Pisces on the 9th, 10th and 25th.

This suggests abundance and over-optimism and it’s a bouncing energy that may bring more than one love interest your way or make you particularly adventurous in relationships. There is something about the sensation seeker in this combination as you dash from one experience to another and possibly jump to conclusions too fast.

Your home or family situation may also have an effect on your personal life, whether you’re on the move, you don’t have a safe base or you’re trying to juggle different family relations. This will be especially poignant at the Full Moon on the 25th when Jupiter squares the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in your opposite sign of Virgo. This feels over-emotional and dramatic and as Mercury turns retrograde two days before, breathe deeply and do your best to be the peacemaker and bring people together. It may not be easy but it’s worth a try to calm things down.

The way forward with regard to intimate relationships and some professional partnerships is to slow down the pace and feel your way forward. Don’t take anything for granted and don’t believe everything you hear until Mercury turns direct on 17th March. For now, go with the flow, enjoy some magical experiences and put off making big decisions wherever possible until next month.

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