Pisces Monthly Stars December 2012

Pisces Month of MarchPisces (19 February-20 March)

This month a lot depends on what happened for you, Pisces, on or around last month’s eclipse on 28th November. This fell across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis focusing on your home and where you come from versus your career and future. It’s about the foundations of your life, finding your vocation, discovering who you are and ultimately making a name for yourself.

As December begins, the Sun remains in Sagittarius ruling your career and vocation, and also your status and reputation. So it’s time to aim high like Sagittarius’ zodiac symbol, the archer. Choose your goals and go for them.

Some of you may have experienced success on or around the eclipse date and some of you may have experienced the opposite, a disappointment or a door closing. Whatever took place, you can now act upon it and either ‘get back on your horse’ or continue to focus on your goals and ambitions.

The end of a year is always a good time to look at what you’ve achieved in the year that’s past and make some new goals or resolutions for yourself in the year ahead. This month, however, is especially exciting and if you experienced any delays or frustrations early November, you now get a second chance to put things right and try again. The major turning point is a New Moon in Sagittarius on the 13th which is an excellent day to launch a project, apply for a job or do something impulsive and spontaneous regarding your career or vocation.

Some of you will find that life blesses you on or around this day and a cash bonus is one possibility, a lottery win or a job or contract that comes your way unexpectedly. Uranus, the planet of unpredictable events, is in Aries and your cash sector meaning that money comes and goes but faster than usual. This month, Uranus is in a supportive aspect with two other planets on the 14th and 19th plus Uranus turns direct on the 13th, the day of the New Moon. This looks more like welcome surprises so look for Christmas present bargains on or around these dates and expect the unexpected where cash is concerned.

Conversely you may find that you benefit from going round in circles or getting lost along the way. Neptune, your ruling planet, is the God of the sea in mythology and the symbolism that surrounds the sea can reveal a lot about your sign and the way it works. The sea ebbs and flows, it’s boundless, deep, sometimes still, sometimes crashing. There’s a natural rhythm to the sea but it can feel vast and overwhelming.

Neptune has been square Mercury, the planet of communication, not once but three times recently due to Mercury’s retrograde motion in November. The dates are 29th October, 14th November and finally this month on the 11th December. Some of you may have experienced confusion in life or felt unclear about your purpose or way forward. This can also indicate misunderstandings or make you think you’ve reached your destination only to find that life shifts, opens a new door and points you in a different direction. Going with the flow wherever life leads may have been your only option.

The plus side of Mercury and Neptune together is that you find inspiration along the way. It’s a creative, dreamy combination that helps you tap into the mysteries of life. There is a distinct shift however mid-month when you move out of the mist and into the clarity of the light. A dazzling insight or a sudden knowingness about where to go next and why becomes self-evident and life points you in a new and clear direction.

You may also be able to identify with this shift when it comes to love, because Mercury is your partner planet. So whether you and your other half have been drifting or finding it hard to communicate clearly, come mid-December you move into a new phase. The Full Moon on the 28th falls in your fellow water sign of Cancer and it’s a helpful date to be romantic and to come together as a unit. It’s an emotional and connecting Full Moon.

December will no doubt be hectic trying to juggle work and family commitments as well as meeting up with friends on the run up to Christmas. There may be an issue with a friend or set of friends around power or control and if you feel dominated by one person in particular or a group in which you’re involved, there’s a chance to resolve the situation but not until the end of the year. Friends play an important role in your life now but there must be a sharing of mutual goals or a deeper purpose to create a strong bond and alliance.

Deciding what to do about a group you’re involved is important as you want to begin 2013 happy and positive about your future. Create supportive friendships in your life and close the door on any friendships that drain you or feel out of kilter. Wishing you a Happy Christmas and an inventive New Year.

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