Pisces Monthly Stars August 2012

Pisces Zodiac StampThere are a lot of helpful influences out there this month as both your ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune, combine with other planets in a supportive, easy-going alliance.

Jupiter is currently in Gemini down at the base of your chart ruling home and family affairs, property matters and links with your past. Jupiter remains in this sector of your chart until June 2013 and this is where promise lies.

It’s a wonderful period to find your dream home, look for somewhere with more space or move closer to water. This may be about extending your own family, renting out a room in your house or celebrating with your nearest and dearest. Jupiter promises new opportunities and by taking risks and seeing where possibility lies, you improve your own life.

Jupiter teams up with both the Sun and Mercury in Leo this month on the 2nd and 22nd respectively. Leo’s the most active sign right now and in your chart it turns the spotlight towards your work, routine, service to others and your health. So it’s about getting your daily routine right and remembering that the small things you do can make the most difference. Adopt a positive attitude to work and health and look after your general well-being. Family or someone from your past may also link to new work opportunities.

Other key dates for finding work or helping others are the 8th when Mercury turns direct and the 18th when Mercury teams up with Uranus. Listen out for good news on these dates or try again with a job or idea that’s been stuck or on hold. Mercury’s retrograde period lasts for about three weeks and gives you a chance to reflect and reconsider where you’re heading and what next in life. Mercury turned retrograde on July 19th bringing communication chaos for some and delays and frustration for others but by August 8th, you start to feel as if you’re back on track. Often new information comes to light once Mercury turns and it’s a good time to chase up a job application or a work contact.

There’s also a theme of second or third chances as Mercury connects with other planets three times now, so think back to late June and early July to note what you were doing then, who you were in contact with and who may be able to help you. If you’re looking for work, volunteer your services as this is a great way to get a foot in the door and gain experience at the same time.

Money matters dominate on or around the 15th of the month when Mars and Saturn meet in the heavens in the sign of Libra. Libra rules joint finances in your chart so this is money that’s tied up with someone else, either via an inheritance, investment or a financial institution. The Mars/Saturn conjunction suggests delays or an obstacle that you weren’t expecting. It suggests someone saying “no” rather than “yes” and you may have to go down another route altogether.

There’s a possibility that you may have to let go of money that’s owed to you in order to be free from an emotional or financial tie that’s taking its toll. Make your decision wisely but realise that once you’ve closed a door on the past, however challenging or difficult, then you can finally move on. Decide where your priorities lie and who’s most important to you in your life, and if children are involved, put their well-being first. For some of you, this may be a creative work or project that’s flagged up and who owns the rights or who takes ownership of the finished product. Again mid-month is an important decision time when by letting go of the past you can move on into a better and brighter future.

When it comes to love, you can make progress on or around the 7th/8th of the month. Venus moves into Cancer and your romance sector on the 7th and the following day on the 8th, Mercury, your partner planet, turns direct. If you’re single, this is good news for meeting someone and falling in love and even rekindling a relationship with someone from your past. Think second time lucky.

All relationships benefit from clear and honest communication at this time and whether you receive good news or initiate an important conversation, there’s a real chance that you’ll get a green light for love. The key to your own happiness lies in being true to yourself, following your heart and seeing love clearly. It’s not always easy to know your own feelings and this may be the case when the Sun enters Virgo and your relationship sector on the 22nd and almost immediately is opposed by Neptune in Pisces on the 24th. Once the second Full Moon of the month, a blue moon, takes place in your sign of Pisces on the 31st, you can see a relationship more clearly and if any doubt, turn to a good friend who knows you well and can give you excellent advice.

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