Pisces Monthly Horoscope October 2015

Rain, PiscesPisces (19 February – 20 March)

Last month’s astrology was huge for you with an epic Jupiter-Neptune opposition promising emotional overwhelm and/or an outpouring of creativity or compassion, plus a key eclipse in your opposite sign of Virgo.

Eclipses are often turning points and with this eclipse falling in your relationship sector, it’s your 1-to-1’s where the action’s at.

This month’s astrology follows on in so much as there are reverberations in your life depending what happened for you personally in September.

Yet there’s also huge potential for happiness now and building relationships which are real and loving and kind. The main reason why this promises to be a loving month is the movement of Venus, the love planet. On the 8th Venus enters Virgo where it remains throughout the rest of October.

This is often one of the best periods of the year for you when it comes to love and your 1-to-1’s. The people you’re with make you feel happy and you’re in the right mood to find love or be in love.

If you’ve been reading your astrology in recent months, you’ll know that this is going to be a peak year for you with regard to your love life thanks to your ruling planet Jupiter which is now firmly established in Virgo and your relationship sector.

Jupiter remains in each sign for just over a year so this is a hugely important transit for you. Plus on the 25th of this month there’s a gorgeous planetary conjunction which only happens once a year when Venus and Jupiter, the benefics of the heavens, come together in the same sign.

Jupiter expands what it touches and Venus rules love so there’s a huge opportunity here for happiness in a relationship, whether you meet someone special, fall in love, get married or accept a proposal. Make the most of love and enjoy your 1-to-1’s.

Virgo rules all 1-to-1 relationships in your life and not just your romantic and personal relationships. This is good news for other significant partnerships too and teaming up with other people who complement your own skills boosts your progress.

The third planet in Virgo this month is Mars, the planet of action and drive, so be around people who inspire you and get you fired up. Look out for someone who can help you at work or in other areas of your life, whether this is a personal trainer, a coach, a fellow employee or an expert in their field.

During the middle of the month there’s powerful energy around your relationships. On the 11th, there’s a stunning Jupiter-Pluto combination, both in people sectors of your chart and practical earth signs. This is a great time to team up with others to organise a big event, to make a difference, to back a good cause. This is the time to turn dreams into reality.

There might be reason to celebrate too as someone close, a partner or friend, has good news or fulfils a major ambition. The 16th and 17th also feel dynamic when Mars teams up with these powerful planets, Jupiter and Pluto.

Together this combination represents enthusiasm, the potential to transform your life, big power. Don’t play small in the middle of the month but team up with people who inspire you to be the best you can be.

The only question mark around relationships and partnership comes on the 7th when Neptune in your sign of Pisces opposes Mars in Virgo. You might feel unsure about someone else on or around this date but your intuition is out. However, at the same time don’t trust too easily and double check you’re not being gullible. It’s a full on energy but perhaps too full on and not what you need.

Plus Mercury, the communication planet, is retrograde as October begins, i.e. on go slow, so to some extent at least you’re in the dark until the 9th when Mercury turns direct. It’s hard to put your faith in others when your partner planet is up to its tricks and often Mercury retrograde indicates misunderstandings and not having all the information at your fingertips.

Look out for new information that comes to light on or around the 9th when Mercury turns direct and if there’s someone you want to speak to, this is an ideal date to pick up the phone or send an important email.

Mercury is currently in Libra and the sign that rules joint finances and shared resources so this is also about money. If you’ve been waiting on money or you’ve had extra expenses, then Mercury’s change of direction gets you back up to speed. Chase up money owed and listen out for good news surrounding your cash.

The New Moon on the 13th highlights money matters too as it falls in the sign of Libra. This is another brilliant date for initiating a project that has the potential to earn well. Plus with Mercury in Libra teaming up with Saturn in Sagittarius and your career sector, it’s a green light day for work and business in general. You might be ready to sign and seal a deal or accept a job or contract that comes your way.

Don’t forget, however, that the planet Uranus in Aries and your personal money sector still has the potential to bring chaos to your finances and avoid impulsive moves on or around the 12th and 25th. Turn to other people too who know how to keep money matters smooth and flowing if your current situation seems to be continually up and down.

It’s via partnership and being willing to learn from others where success can be found this month. The Full Moon on the 27th highlights travel or study and with such glorious astrology boosting your partnership sector, other people are on your side and in some way or other will gift you this month. Be open and receptive to what life and others have to offer.

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