Pisces Monthly Horoscope May 2016

Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

Being a Pisces, you have two ruling planets, a traditional ruler, Jupiter and a modern ruler, Neptune. What these two planets have in common is that they are linked to expansion, there’s a feel of space and possibility about them.

If you’re a true Pisces, you’re a lover of fantasy and dreams and when you are free to explore and believe in hope and trust and faith, you’re unstoppable.

At the beginning of May, both your ruling planets are strong and this is a time when you’re likely to be in touch with the more sensitive and compassionate side of your nature. Basically it’s about love, being open-hearted and giving to others in any way you see fit.

Neptune is in action on the 1st and the 9th and these are important dates for a conversation whether you meet someone new or you let someone know how you feel. Words can heal and help others and this is your role right now. Show someone you care, offer a proposal, be kind and giving.

A more important planetary movement involves your traditional ruling planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and growth and Jupiter is currently in your opposite sign of Virgo ruling your 1-to-1 relationships.

Since mid-January, Jupiter has been retrograde or on go slow but on May 9th, Jupiter turns direct in the heavens and begins to pick up speed. Jupiter moves forward through Virgo and your relationship sector until early September 2016.

This is a positive period for your 1-to-1’s both personal and professional. You can benefit from other people now and you might receive a gift or offer of help or good advice once Jupiter turns in the heavens on or around the 9th. Plus you benefit by giving to others because what you give you receive in return.

Partnership can benefit your life in a positive way now so make the most of your close relationships. Whether you’re looking for love or you’re in love or you’re happy being single, appreciate the people closest to you and let others know what you want and need when it comes to your 1-to-1’s.

Yet there is one planet this month that’s slightly more complex and this too is linked to communication and relationships. This planet is Mercury, the communication planet, which is currently retrograde or on go slow in your communication sector until May 22nd.

This is important because it’s often a time when there are misunderstandings, delays take place or you can’t get hold of someone when you need important information. This can bring frustrations into your everyday life and Mercury links to technology and transport too.

As long as you’re flexible and prepared to go with the flow and as long as you pay attention to the details and double check dates and correspondence, you can work with Mercury retrograde rather than bump against it.

This isn’t a time for big decisions however and as Mercury is your partner planet, you might be playing a waiting game with one person in particular. Don’t believe everything you hear whilst Mercury’s on go slow and don’t feel that you have to make up your mind about love, a joint venture, a certain individual until Mercury is back up to speed.

Keep your options open and slow down the pace of life. Make time to smell the flowers and enjoy special moments without having to know exactly where you stand or try and control someone else.

Slowly slowly is your best approach and you’ll enjoy your life all the more if you stay relaxed.

People are important to you now especially in the first half of the month when there’s a Grand Earth Trine in the heavens which links all the people sectors of your chart. It’s here where you can find fulfilment and it’s here where you’ll discover hidden riches. Don’t go it alone now. Reach out to others and ask for people’s support in return.

Community, society, a political agenda, a humanitarian cause; wherever in your life you want to make a difference, here’s your opportunity. You can also heal a rift with a sibling or neighbour if you take your time and stay focused on your long-term goals.

Towards the latter stages of May, your attention turns towards other areas of life, home and family and career and vocation in particular. On May 20th, the Sun enters Gemini and your home and family sector and on May 24th, Venus, the planet of relating, enters this same part of your chart.

This is where your priority lies but this won’t come easily or at least you can expect someone else to challenge your situation. This is because of an emotional Full Moon which takes place on May 21st cutting across the foundations of your chart.

The Sun lights up your home and family sector and the Moon in Sagittarius is joined by a retrograde Mars, the planet of passion and anger, in your work and career sector. These areas are in conflict and this highlights a drama, a time when emotions are heightened.

There are no easy answers and at its best you might have to agree to disagree with someone close, your boss or a business partner. Know however that with Mars currently on go slow in Sagittarius and your career sector and Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, in this same sector of your chart, it’s going to be difficult if not impossible to push things forward at work.

In fact, you’re wise to step back here and try again later in the year. Mars will return to Sagittarius in August and September and by then you’re in a stronger position. If your own needs are changing or you’re ready to follow your partner and let them lead the way for now, even more reason to consider carefully where your priorities lie.

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