Pisces Monthly Horoscope July 2015

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Your ruling planet Jupiter is in fine form as July begins. Jupiter is completing its journey through the sign of Leo, ruling your work, your routine, your health and lifestyle. Jupiter leaves this sector of your chart mid August 2015 where it’s been since July 2014.

Jupiter is the planet of opportunity, growth and expansion. It’s connected to freedom and this is about getting the balance of your life right. If you focus too much on work, there’s no time for play or fun. If you’re too laid-back, you lack purpose and a sense of direction.

On July 1st Jupiter connects with the planet Venus, the planet of love and money. This is a glorious combination which suggests happiness, blessings, gifts. There’s a flow to life when these two planets connect and it’s the people around you who make life special.

This might bless your working life, your health or vitality. Ultimately it’s about happiness, appreciating all that you have in life and being grateful for simple pleasures. What you give out, you receive back in return and together Venus and Jupiter invoke the law of attraction. There’s a feel good vibe to this combination so make the most of it.

Venus remains in Leo until the 18th and this is about teamwork and partnering with other people. If you need more support in your life, here’s your opportunity to reach out and find it.

Venus makes one difficult aspect to Saturn in Scorpio on the 14th. Saturn is the get real planet and there’s often a reality check when Saturn is in action. You might realise that this is not the time to go on holiday, take a trip away or to sign up for a course. Scorpio rules any activity that expands and broadens your horizons and right now, for whatever reason, your joy and happiness lie closer to home.

This might be connected to a new stage in your working life that begins in September 2015. The astrology suggests that until that date, you’re wise to take it easy and focus on getting the smaller details of life right before you take your next leap forward.

This theme returns on the 23rd when the Sun and Mercury, the communication planet, enter Leo. One week later on July 31st there’s a powerful Full Moon that cuts across the Leo/Aquarius axis of your chart. Trust your intuition on or around this date and prioritise your own well-being. It’s a marvellous date for a retreat, quiet time, relaxation.

A lot of this month’s astrology is about getting the flow in life right so it works for you rather than against you. Your co-ruler is Neptune which is currently strong in your sign of Pisces. Neptune is the planet of romance, imagination, fantasy and creativity. It’s a sensitive energy connected with compassion, kindness and caring.

This month there’s strong water energy i.e. there are key planets in Cancer, a fellow water sign and they all connect with your planet Neptune. These aspects take place on the 1st, the 8th and the 13th. This feels soft and emotional. This might suggest a love affair, happiness surrounding a child or pregnancy, a creative project that fulfils you or simply a time when you’re having fun and you’re entertained by life and others.

The Full Moon on July 2nd and the New Moon on July 16th link in to these areas of your life. The Full Moon cuts across the cancer/Capricorn axis of your chart and this is a powerful time to trust your intuition. A Full Moon represents culmination, completion when your emotions are heightened and you’re in full bloom. This can highlight a special event that means a lot to you.

A New Moon is brilliant for new beginnings and a chance to start fresh. Choose an area of life that you’re passionate about and set your intentions. This is a promising date for new love, news of a pregnancy, the start of a new and exciting project in your life.

There will be times this month when life becomes more stressful and you need to take care that you don’t get caught up in arguments that are destructive rather than constructive. This is because Mars, the planet of action and anger, and Mercury, the planet of communication, clash with the Uranus/Pluto square.

The most powerful dates are the 15th to the 19th and the weekend of the 25th/26th. Pluto is in Capricorn ruling your friendships and group connections and Uranus is in Aries ruling money matters. This combination can indicate challenges around money and if in doubt, it’s wise not to loan money or take any risks with your cash.

Be aware that there’s a volatile energy around your own relationship with a friend, child or lover and it’s important to remember that actions have consequences and words that are spoken in haste cannot be taken back. Try to keep a balanced perspective on the events in your own life and don’t start an argument for the sake of it. Yet, if you feel that someone is acting badly, then you’re right to stand up and confront their behaviour.

The other major planetary activity in July involves Venus, the planet of love and relating. Venus turns retrograde in the heavens on July 25th and remains on go slow until September 6th. This is important for you as Venus switches direction in your opposite side of Virgo ruling your one-to-one relationships.

This suggests you have to slow down the pace of love and for whatever reason take a step back. You can’t hurry love when Venus is on go slow and in fact it might benefit you to create some distance or space from a partner or ex for a short while.

The most important work you can do is on yourself as Venus retrograde turns your attention inward. The same applies to a partner so adopt an attitude of tolerance and acceptance and let things be while Venus backtracks through the heavens.

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