Pisces Monthly Horoscope February 2016

Cologne Carnival, PiscesPisces (19 February – 20 March)

As the month begins, it’s important to wrap up anything that’s incomplete before you press on with new projects or ventures. This may be linked to a group in which you’ve been involved or concerning a friend in connection with money matters.

Last month, communication planet Mercury turned retrograde in Capricorn and the sector of your chart which rules friends, groups and social activities.

This could have been a frustrating time for you whether you’ve been changing your mind about your involvement with one particular group of people or whether incompetence and misunderstandings coloured your close relationships.

This month, Mercury remains in Capricorn until the 13th and is now moving in direct motion. If you’ve been avoiding talking to someone or letting someone know your final decision about a group-related venture, don’t hang around. The weekend of the 6th/7th is perfect for wrapping things up and reconnecting with someone who you haven’t been talking to or with whom you fell out recently.

Love planet Venus is also involved in the action the same weekend so if money is an issue and you’re waiting on an outstanding payment or your ex owes you money, chase things up and don’t let a difficult situation get any worse. Same goes if it’s something minor. Left unattended, a molehill could turn into a mountain. If you’re the type of Pisces who prefers to avoid conflict, even more reason to sort things out and wipe the slate clean.

This isn’t a month to rush ahead however and the astrology indicates that you’re wise to take the pace slow. This is because key planets are in Aquarius and your previous sign. This is the most hidden sector of your chart and it often indicates that this is a period of preparation rather than out-and-out action.

One of your best activities is daydreaming now, contemplating what next, imagining new scenarios in your life and seeing what fits, what feels right for you. You are a person who is inspired by image and it’s important to get hold of your vision for what you want in life before you focus on the practicalities. Use different tools to inspire you and tap into your creative and spiritual source.

For some, this is a time when you may feel low in energy or under the weather and you don’t want to be hanging around waiting for things to happen. If you can go off on holiday or change your surroundings, do it. This fits your stars.

Action planet Mars is currently in Scorpio, a fellow water sign and this puts the emphasis on travel, study and expanding your horizons. Taking some time out to change your perspective and to consider the bigger picture in life would be valuable for you now.

You may find that new opportunities come your way to do something different with your life and you should not pass up on them. It’s here where you will discover what makes you tick, your deeper purpose and what starts as a hobby or new experience could quickly turn into a vocation. Be bold and daring and get ready to step out of your comfort zone.

This is also a good time to invest in learning or gaining new skills. Saturn in Sagittarius and your career sector is urging you to get serious about your work and career and to be thorough in your approach. If you’ve missed out on qualifications in the past, this is prime time to catch up or add to your skill set.

The most important date this month however is the 19th and this is when things really start to shift for you. On the 19th, the Sun enters your sign of Pisces. The Sun rules vitality and also confidence so it’s not only a boost to your health and well-being but makes you feel you’re ready for anything.

This is the start of your new year and it’s here where it gets exciting. Serious change is on the way so don’t deny what you’re thinking and feeling if you know you’re ready to take a big leap in life.

Relationships are one area that are potentially buzzing and for some, this is a big year for love. The Full Moon on the 22nd highlights your relationship axis with the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in your opposite sign of Virgo. This is where you also find your ruling planet Jupiter which represents opportunity and growth.

Relationships are emphasised now and if you’re ready to make a commitment to someone close, the Full Moon is promising. In addition, this February is a leap year and there’s an extra day, the 29th. Traditionally this is a good day to make a proposal and it’s an especially romantic leap year for you as there’s a Sun/Neptune conjunction in your sign of Pisces on the 28th.

Neptune rules romance and inspiration but it can also leave you feeling a little confused or unsure of which way to turn. The Full Moon feels more grounded and helps you make sense of your current situation. Allow the Sun/Neptune vibe to inspire you and use image in some shape or form to get in touch with your creative or artistic side. The cinema, art, poetry all fit the bill.

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