Pisces Monthly Horoscope August 2015

Pisces August 2015Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

The first week of this month is an important one for you as your ruling planet Jupiter is in action. Jupiter starts the month of August in Leo, the sign that rules your work and routine, your health and your lifestyle.

Jupiter’s in full flow early in the month making connections with Venus (love/relating) on the 4th and Mercury (communication) on the 7th.

This indicates a social time when you’re either enjoying your work or reconnecting with friends and colleagues. Look out for lucky opportunities that you hear about through other people or on the net.

Yet Jupiter is also in a difficult planetary aspect as it’s squared by Saturn in your fellow water sign of Scorpio on the 3rd. This can indicate an inner conflict when there’s a part of you that knows what’s good for you and how you want to live your life (Jupiter) yet there’s another part of you that fears what you’re trying to achieve and puts obstacles in your path (Saturn).

Listen carefully to your inner voice especially early on in August and notice when you’re shouting Yes to life or when you’re saying No, it’s not possible. It’s important that you don’t let doubt or negative feedback stop you and recognise that if you want to enrich your life and live well you can’t allow fear to dominate.

Jupiter connects with your dreams and vision and gives you freedom whereas Saturn represents restriction. When you get the two working in tandem you can turn dreams into reality and use Jupiter’s breadth of vision to concretise your goals.

It is really important now to take a close look at your health and your lifestyle as this is the time to pursue what works and to ditch what doesn’t. There are certain periods in the month when you’ll be feeling gung-ho about what you’re trying to achieve, whether through diet or fitness or through juggling your work to suit you.

Mars, the action planet, enters Leo and this sector of your chart on the 8th and on the 14th there’s a gorgeous New Moon in Leo, a symbol of new beginnings. Look out for opportunities that come in on or around these dates and ensure that you’ve cleared out the stuff that no longer works for you before then. This might mean letting go of a job or ditching bad habits.

Venus remains retrograde in Leo throughout August and when Venus is retrograde in your lifestyle sector, it’s time to take a close look at your well-being. Venus rules sugar and all things sweet so you might experiment with a new diet now or recognise that a slower pace of life suits you best.

Set new habits in place that boost your well-being and strengthen your energy levels.

In mid-September 2015, Saturn returns to Sagittarius and your career sector. For some, this indicates the start of a busy period when you’ll be stepping up a notch, taking on new responsibility or working hard. It’s important that you’re in tip top condition before this new work phase begins.

There are other factors incoming that indicate changes not only to your lifestyle but also to the place you live or to the people and activities you prioritise. This all begins on the 7th when Mercury, the planet of communication and your partner planet, enters your opposite sign of Virgo.

Mercury is a quick-moving planet and only remains here until the 27th but Mercury promises to bring new people into your life. This might mean a new relationship or a new partnership. Either way, you’re right to act fast and keep the lines of communication open. Get into a debate, a discussion, initiate conversations that ultimately could change the direction of your life.

Being a Pisces, you’re a natural at looking after other people but this month’s stars suggest that it’s time to let other people look after you instead. Be open to help, advice and support. Be willing to be a follower and allow others to lead.

The biggest and best news is Jupiter entering Virgo, your opposite sign, and your relationship sector on the 11th. Jupiter is the free spirit, the pleasure merchant and wants to play big and soar high and more importantly, Jupiter is your ruling planet.

This again backs up Mercury’s move into Virgo which suggests that other people are going to play a key role in your life. As Jupiter remains in Virgo for the next 13 months, this is a wonderful period to get love right and to do whatever it takes to bring you happiness. It’s good news for a business partnership or any kind of 1-to-1 collaboration but its love that feels special and for some, there will be wedding bells or a second honeymoon.

There are two more special dates towards the end of August which feel momentous for love and relationships. Firstly, the Sun in Virgo connects with Jupiter in Virgo on the 26th and this combination can indicate blessings, a gift, happiness.

Then three days later on the 29th there’s a Full Moon which cuts across the Virgo/Pisces axis of your horoscope and this is often a defining symbol for love and partnership. By month’s end, you won’t be going it alone and if you play your cards right you will have some strong people on your side who back you all the way.

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