Pisces May 2020

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Communication & Community

The Sun is in earth sign Taurus as May begins. It remains here until the 20th and this is where you find talk planet Mercury until the 11th. Taurus is your communication sector and it’s important to find people you can talk to, both for fun and advice & support.

Wherever Taurus falls in your horoscope, this is where there’s a chance to feel grounded, more stable and secure in these uncertain times. Ensure you keep the lines of communication open and help out in your local neighbourhood, if that works for you.

Also, Mercury and the Sun team up with your traditional ruling planet, Jupiter, on the 10th and 17th. Jupiter is currently alongside Pluto in Capricorn and your friendship and group sector.

This is where there’s a theme of rebirth or renewal. You might have powerful friends in your life. Or, find yourself engrossed with a group, club or society, probably online.

It wouldn’t be surprising to find you playing a supportive role in other people’s lives, as this comes naturally to you as a Sun Pisces. You might be keeping tabs on your friends or neighbours. If you are, the good news is that this is what can help and support you too.

The earth signs are slow burners. Often, it’s the amount of hard work and commitment you put in that brings rewards. This sector of your horoscope also rules siblings and schools, so look to your involvement within these areas to see what adds richness and depth to your life.

People are definitely important now as is education, study and learning. The Full Moon on the 7th cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac. You may make a key decision about your own study on or around this date. Or plan to teach or get organised around home schooling. Full Moons often bring clarity and they are a good time to trust your natural intuition.

A Change In Pace

Mid-month brings a shift of pace for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, your planet Jupiter turns retrograde on the 14th and there are two other key planets switching direction: Saturn on the 11th and Venus on the 13th.

Therefore, look at what’s coming to an end. Or, where you need to do things differently. There could be a reason why you have to drop everything to be there for someone close. This could be a friend or neighbour, but family are also under the cosmic spotlight in May.

Home & Family

This is because of the key planets moving through Gemini and your home and family sector. Venus, the planet of relating, is here all month and is joined by Mercury from the 11th the 28th and the Sun from the 20th onwards. As Gemini is the sign of communication, it’s important to connect with loved ones, whether on or off-line.

The New Moon this month on the 22nd also falls in Gemini, a good date to initiate something new in these areas. You may put your house on the market, arrange a Zoom call with family or start something new that helps you all come together.

Venus rules beauty so you may be keen to repaint your kitchen cupboards or be looking at alternative ways of organising a family celebration. Your star sign Pisces is one of the mutable signs, so you have an ability to adapt and be flexible. This skill will serve you well, especially from mid-month onwards as a new landscape emerges.

Mars enters Pisces

Plus, on the 13th, you have action planet Mars firing things up in your star sign Pisces where it remains until the end of June. As this coincides with Venus’ retrograde phase from May 13th to June 25th, you may need to step in to a leading role within your family. What’s changing, what’s shifting in these key areas of your life?

Alternatively, you might recognise you need more time for yourself or your personal goals and aims. Mars is an ambitious planet so see where you want to be more pro-active in your life. Mars teams up with live-wire Uranus on the 25th, a great date to start something new, perhaps online.

Neptune, your co-ruler, clashes with Venus on the 4th and 20th and this combination is wistful but illusory. Don’t believe everything you hear this month and recognise when you feel confused or sense that you’ve lost your way.

You need things in life that inspire you and give you hope and faith. Read the news less if it leaves you feeling worried and channel your wonderful imagination into artistic or spiritual dreams and schemes.

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