Pisces June 2017

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Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

It’s an intriguing month when your co-rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, both change direction in the zodiac. The first planet to switch direction is Jupiter on the 9th as it turns direct and begins to pick up speed after four months on go slow.

The second planet to switch direction is Neptune on the 16th but whereas Jupiter is moving forward, Neptune flicks into reverse and begins its annual retrograde phase through the zodiac.

This is interesting symbolism and it perhaps suggests that you need to hold on to trust and faith this month, to act on your beliefs. This is where Jupiter’s strength lies.

Neptune could cloud the issue or you find it hard to explain to others what you want or need. If you’re not making yourself clear, take care that you’re not falling victim to Neptune’s confusion.

Neptune can lead you down the garden path if you’re not careful, if you let indecision or unclarity reign. Be wary of escapist activities if they don’t benefit you in any way, especially on the 4th and the 14th to 16th.

Yet Jupiter is flying high this month and this is good news for you. Jupiter turns direct on the 9th in Libra, the sign that rules joint finances and shared resources. So there’s a whoosh of positive energy as Jupiter picks up speed.

You may feel positive about what lies ahead or you recognise where success lies, either financial or emotional. Jupiter turns direct on the day of a Full Moon in Sagittarius, ruling your career and vocation.

Events close to the 9th could prove pivotal for you and if a new opportunity comes your way which links work and money, don’t let it slip through your fingers. This would be a good date to show off your skills and talents and let the world see who you are and what you have to offer. Value yourself highly when Jupiter’s strong and don’t undersell your capabilities.

Home and family matters are also high priority because of key planets in Gemini and this sector of your chart. The Sun is in Gemini until the 21st and communication planet Mercury is strong in Gemini from the 6th to the 21st.

So this is a good month to focus on these areas of your life, whether you’re building strong family relationships or you’re looking for somewhere new to live. There’s a buzz about your home or family, or your past or ancestry. Who you are and where you come from could bring you fresh insight in the month ahead.

Plus there might be help at hand from someone close, either financially or emotionally, when the Sun and Mercury team up with Jupiter on the 3rd and 13th respectively. This highlights money and property, so perhaps you rent out a room or ask for a loan from someone you grew up with. Either way, the two areas come together in a positive fashion.

The trickiest period for home and family life is from the 15th to the 18th when Saturn in Sagittarius opposes the Sun and Mercury in Gemini. This feels as if something’s got to give and you may have to prioritise one end of the axis of the zodiac, i.e. work or home/family.

This could be a time when the work/life balance feels out of kilter or you recognise that your affiliation to your loved ones stops you fulfilling some of your bigger goals in life. You’d benefit from setting some clear boundaries during this period or maybe you need to find a way to look at what’s positive and remind yourself of the plusses of your current situation.

Uranus is working in tandem with Saturn and Uranus in Aries highlights your personal money sector. So put your thinking hat on and you can come up with a way of getting round an obstacle or road block. It might be worth spending money to ensure that you can have the best of both worlds; your working life/vocation and your home/family.

There’s also some slower planetary energy this month which is beneficial for you. The planet of love and relating, Venus, is in the earth sign Taurus from the 6th and this is settled and leisurely, especially against the more manic Gemini planetary energy.

You benefit from creating grounding relationships close to home with people in your community or your neighbours or siblings. This will create a supportive atmosphere in your life and someone who lives close by could be a helpful sounding board during the month ahead.

If you’re looking for love, there’s good news because Venus is strong in Taurus and this is the planetary equivalent of falling for the man or woman next door. You might not have to travel very far this month to meet someone new. So look out who you bump into close to home and have some charming introductions up your sleeve.

Another indicator that passion is on the cards is Mars’ move into your fellow water sign Cancer on the 4th where it remains until mid to late July. Cancer rules romance and love affairs in your chart and Mars promises passion.

Plus, the Sun and communication planet Mercury also enter Cancer on the day of the Solstice, the 21st. This would be an excellent day for a romantic date, as is the 24th when there’s a New Moon in Cancer, a symbol of new beginnings.

If you’re seeking love, you’re in luck. Yet Cancer doesn’t only rule romance in your chart. It also lights up your children sector, your creativity and entertainment sector. Basically it’s about enjoyment and doing more of what you love. Another excellent diversion from any area of your life that’s proving to be a challenge.

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