Pisces July 2018

Pisces, water

Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

As July begins, the Sun is your fellow water sign, Cancer, until the 22nd. This is a lovely placing of the Sun for you because Cancer rules all the good things in life, what you create or give birth to. This includes children, romance, creative projects, social events and new opportunities.

There’s a feel-good vibe about the Sun in Cancer. This is maximised when the Sun teams up with your co-rulers, Jupiter in Scorpio on the 5th and Neptune in Pisces on the 8th to create a Grand Water Trine in the heavens.

This is gorgeous and it indicates that you’re in flow, whether you’re in the right place at the right time or you can channel your emotions and create something amazing. You might be head over heels in love or perhaps you’re besotted with a child, your own or someone close.

This whole combination feels sentimental and emotional, but also compassionate. It’s as if you understand instinctively that what you give, you receive in return. Tap into your intuition to discover what you want and what will bring you fulfilment or meaning. This might include travel or learning, a spiritual or religious path.

Plus, on the 10th, your ruling planet Jupiter turns direct in Scorpio. Jupiter is the Great Protector and is a cosmic nod that you’re on the right path. Scorpio rules the bigger picture in life and it’s about broadening your horizons to seek meaning or purpose. Or perhaps you’re simply basking on holiday and having a wonderful time. Being by the sea would be gorgeous with this watery vibe.

Reality kicks in on the 13th when there’s a New Moon or Solar Eclipse in Cancer. This is the first in a new eclipse cycle which cuts across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac until July 2020. For you, it’s about your social life, how you spend your leisure time and your connection to children and lovers.

By itself, this eclipse would be a turbo-powered New Moon, a symbol of new beginnings. However, Pluto opposes the Sun and Moon, so there’s a theme of endings as well as beginnings. At the very least, this is about transformation and coming face to face with what you want in life versus what you don’t have. 

This may be about children or the other strong possibility is love. This is because love planet Venus enters Virgo and your relationship sector on the 10th, the same day as Jupiter, your ruler, turns direct. 

Then, three days later, Venus teams up with planet of surprises, Uranus, on the same day as the eclipse. This whole combination could turn your life on its head, hopefully in a good way. If you’re looking for love, it may find you quicker than you expect. It might not be with the person you were thinking about either.

Also, what’s lovely about Venus in Virgo is that Venus connects with the slower-moving planets, creating a Grand Earth Trine. So the elements of earth and water are powerful this month, ruling nature, instinctual behaviour, intuition and emotions. This is your territory and it all feels gorgeously sensual and affectionate.

Give yourself up to love or Love this month and follow your heart, as this is where deep fulfilment can be found.

It’s not all about connections and affairs of the heart, however, because there’s a strong emphasis now on the fire sign Leo. Talk planet Mercury is here throughout July, the planet of relating, Venus, is in Leo until the 10th and the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd.

Leo rules your work and routine, your lifestyle and your health and the current planetary activity suggests that you’ll be busier than usual or, at least, very social, either at work or down the gym.

You do have to watch, however, that you don’t overdo it or take on too much. This is because action planet Mars is linked to physical activity and Mars is currently retrograde in Aquarius and the most hidden sector of your horoscope. 

The trickiest time astrologically comes in the last week of July so notice your energy levels and take good care of yourself before then. On the 26th, communication planet Mercury turns retrograde in Leo and remains on go slow until August 19th. This is often a time when you have to slow down, ready or not.

Also, one day later on the 27th, there’s a Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse which cuts across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac. Eclipses are game-changers and they often indicate a turning point, whether a job or contract comes to an end or you’ve run out of steam.

This eclipse cycle began in August 2016 and completes in 2019 so you may already know what it’s about for you, especially if you’ve made some radical changes to your diet, lifestyle, health or work situation.

Expect the unexpected at the end of the month and avoid conflict, as Mars is pulled in to the mix. You might be able to take advantage of something that comes your way out of the blue or you may discover that your work situation has to change for one reason or another.

It is important to be super flexible and focus on your everyday routine and how your work fits in around this. This is about your lifestyle and health as well as your job so ensure you pay equal attention to your mind, body and soul.

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