Pisces January 2019

2019, Pisces

Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

There’s a certain amount of mess and muddle in January. Or alternatively, you could say that you’re enjoying going with the flow and following life’s diversions, wherever they lead you.

One reason why life might be dramatic now or a time of change is because there are two eclipses taking place. Eclipses often bring what’s hidden to light and they’re linked to secrets and the unexpected.

There’s a Solar or New Moon eclipse on the 6th in Capricorn and a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse cutting across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac on the 21st. The Solar Eclipse highlights your allies and alliances; your friends, group activities and your place in the wider world. This might be through a social, political, environmental or activist role. 

This Solar Eclipse ramps up the action. You may be in the limelight and have to make a tough decision about one of the areas mentioned above. As the Sun and Moon are wedged between Saturn and Pluto during the eclipse, two of the tougher planets, you might have reached a dead end with a certain group or affiliation in your life.

Either that or you’re suspicious about other people’s behaviour, especially the people at the top. This may be an issue around power and control or corrupt leadership. You may need to consider whether you want to step up and take on a new responsibility. Don’t make any decisions on the eclipse itself but do consider your options carefully.

Traditionally, you’re wise to wait a few days after an eclipse before making a big decision or taking action. At times, events this month might prove frustrating for you and bring out the impatient side of your character. Yet, there’s no point rushing until all the information has come to light.

The second eclipse is a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse on the 21st. It cuts across the Leo/Aquarius axis of the zodiac and is the final eclipse in a cycle which began in August 2016. This is about your work and routine, your lifestyle and health and service to others.

This too suggests you could be ending a role this month or decide to move on. Sometimes, during eclipses, life steps in to speed up the process. Aquarius rules the hidden sector of your horoscope so this is an indication to take some time out towards the end of the month. Or, at the very least, prioritise rest and relaxation, especially if your schedule is super busy. 

The Lunar eclipse may provide you with an important lesson in letting go, surrender and giving in to life as it is.

You’re wise to focus on the future this month too as there’s a real promise of success. This has a lot to do with what’s happening with your traditional ruler, Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of opportunity and growth and is currently in Sagittarius and your career and vocation sector. 

Jupiter moved here in November 2018 and remains in this important sector of your horoscope until December 2019. Jupiter is linked to foreign connections, gaining new qualifications, publishing and the media. It’s hard to play small when Jupiter is in this sector of your horoscope. 

Plus, on the 7th, lovely Venus joins Jupiter in Sagittarius and you have the two best planets in your career and vocation sector. You might hear news of a job or promotion this month or perhaps you want to expand your own business or seek work elsewhere.

It’s not just about your career either. This can be about your status, being asked to lead a group of people, becoming a governor, adviser or coach. One way or another, stepping up to a new role.

On the 22nd, there’s a stunning Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius and this is one of the best dates of the year. You can’t stay hidden and not take advantage of the new opportunities coming your way. If one door closes, trust that new beginnings are just around the corner. This is the start of a potentially successful and stunning year ahead.

Also, this month, your co-rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, align. They are square to each other on the 13th and this is a dominant planetary aspect in 2019. Square aspects suggest disorientation or challenge. Yet, your two rulers are working together. This whole combination feels boundless, charitable, meaningful. Explore wherever life takes you now and be open to cosmic forces and follow wherever destiny leads.

You may feel pulled between your personal and professional lives and at times this could prove emotional. Yet, be open to life’s calling and have faith that you’re on the right path.

When it comes to love, you’re most likely to meet someone new through your place of work. With Venus in Sagittarius, look out for people who can help you or who are attracted to you.

If you’re in a relationship or married, it’s an important time to be supportive of each other. Be encouraging, guide your partner forward, help them fulfil their dreams and ask for the same in return. Make time for love especially if one or both of you is busy.

Freedom is a key word in your close relationships and it is important that any relationship doesn’t stop you fulfilling your own goals, your destiny. As a Sun Pisces, you like to merge with another but the challenge this month is to follow your guiding star and fall in love with your purpose in life, to find a deeper sense of meaning. 

You might do this on a spiritual path, by teaching others or by stepping into the role that you were born for. Watch closely which doors open as you move through the first month in a brand new year.

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