Pisces Horoscope September 2022

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Partnership Goals

When the Sun’s in Virgo, partnership is the key theme in your life. The Sun remains in Virgo until the 23rd and is joined by the planet of love and relating Venus from the 5th to the 29th. You could fall head-over-heels in love this month or be in a romantic mood.

Events may peak on or around the 10th, the day of the Full Moon in your star sign Pisces. During this Full Moon, the Sun is in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces.

On the one hand, this suggests that your success could come via other people or in partnership with other people. Certainly, you tend not to take on the leading role when your opposite star sign Virgo dominates. 

This could mean that your partner’s life is developing at a fast rate of knots. Or, perhaps you’re making a romantic move that brings with it more than love and connection.

This could be a marriage or business partnership which improves your status and reputation. The peak of this activity comes during the emotional Full Moon, which could in turn bring your moment in the spotlight.

Stay Grounded

Both your ruling planets, Jupiter and Neptune are active this month, but primarily in opposition. The key dates are the 3rd & 16th, the 18th, 24th & 26th.

This may mean not taking on too much or promising more than you can deliver. Jupiter and Neptune oppositions can be about overwhelm, feeling wildly optimistic on the one hand but losing sight of reality on the other hand.

This is something that, as a Pisces you can be susceptible to. If you’re true to your star sign, you have a deep trust and faith in life and you often pin your hopes on your dreams and wishes. What you sometimes lack is an ability to turn those dreams into reality, to put in the work to ensure they happen.

This is provided by your opposite star sign Virgo and it’s possible to benefit from the positive traits of your opposite sign. Therefore, even if this is a month when life is taking off in a new direction, keep your feet on the ground, be realistic and pay attention to the details. 

Adopt a hard-work ethic if you’re busy and look after your mind, body and soul to support you so you can get things done. Or, hand some jobs over to another person, a Virgo type, someone productive and efficient. Do less of what bores you and more of what fulfils you creatively.

September’s astrology could be uplifting and exhilarating for you, if you step beyond the hype and avoid being fooled or seduced. Be savvy as well as being a sentimental romantic.

Mercury Retrograde

There is another key factor to take into account this month. This is the fact that communication planet Mercury switches direction on the 10th, the same day as the Full Moon, and turns retrograde.

Mercury remains retrograde until October 2nd. As it switches direction mid-month, it opposes your traditional ruler Jupiter on the 3rd & 18th.

This is likely to be about money for you and you’re wise not to get carried away and believe anything’s possible. You might have to rein in your expenses or have to review your situation or rework your outgoings & incomings. Try not to panic if finances feel out of control. Instead, use the Mercury retrograde phase to explore all your options.

Plus, Mercury retreats back into Virgo on the 23rd where it turns direct on October 2nd. Sometimes, this means you lose a person’s support or someone goes quiet on you. Take your time and ideally wait until early October before you make up your mind about love or partnership.

Balance & Flow

There’s a shift in planetary energy when the planets are strong in air sign Libra. This feels more balanced and could help restore harmony. Libra’s the diplomat so, when it comes to your personal and professional relationships, use your people skills to charm and persuade others.

The Sun enters Libra on the 23rd, the day of the Equinox. Two days later, on the 25th, there’s a New Moon in Libra, a symbol of new beginnings. There’s a flow of energy here regarding money, joint finances and shared resources. Listen up for new ideas and be open to gifts and money coming in.

Admittedly, with Mercury still on go slow, you may have to wait a while for money to materialise. And, you’re wise not to sign or seal a deal until Mercury’s back up to speed. However, don’t let that stop you sowing seeds and making new connections or contacts during the New Moon phase.

Mercury Retrograde Do’s & Don’ts

Remember the Mercury retrograde mantra – put off the big decisions & major investments between September 10th to October 2nd. Here are some more tips:

  • be flexible, have plans B, C & D up your sleeve
  • take a step back, do less not more
  • double-check everything, read the small print
  • chase up old contacts, revisit the past
  • use all the re-words – revise, rework, review, reconsider
  • rest & retreat when you can
  • do your research & explore your options ready to act when Mercury turns direct

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