Pisces Horoscope October 2023


The Sun is in air sign Libra up until the 23rd. Plus, talk planet Mercury is in Libra from the 5th to the 22nd and action planet Mars is here up until the 12th. This means that there’s a lot going on in your joint finance sector. This is about money matters and getting things sorted. 

Libra rules one of the hidden sectors of your horoscope. On the one hand, it’s linked to money, especially joint finances. Yet, it’s also about the metaphysical realm, all things hidden and taboo.

Solar Eclipse

The planetary energy in Libra peaks on the 14th. This is the date when there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra. This is the second eclipse in a new eclipse cycle which cuts across the Aries/Libra axis of the zodiac and the financial axis of your horoscope. The first took place on April 20th. Therefore, the two dates may be linked. This cycle completes in March 2025.

This is about money and legacy for you, what you leave behind and what gets passed on. It’s about the physical world as well as the metaphysical world and finding your place between the two. This process could be cathartic, so dare to dive deep into the emotional realm and the world of the psyche.

This Solar Eclipse, a powerful symbol of new beginnings, could coincide with an ending. This is because the planet Pluto is pulled into the eclipse pattern and Pluto is the planet linked to loss and transformation.

Pluto turns direct in earth sign Capricorn on the 11th, three days before the eclipse. Therefore, you’re wise to consider what’s not working out financially and where you’d be better off cutting your losses. Something’s got to give.

Pluto clashes with the Sun and Mercury in Libra on the 21st and this could flag up a deficit. Pay close attention to money and try not to miss any payments. Create new systems that help you keep close tabs on all things financial.

As mentioned, Libra doesn’t only rule money in your horoscope but taboo matters as well. Therefore, the combination of the eclipse and Pluto together could flag up an issue around power and control, sex, death or rebirth. Go deeper this month and look beneath the surface to see what’s really going on.

Scorpio Season

October is the month when the Sun enters your fellow water sign Scorpio. Yet, this month, Scorpio season starts early. This puts the spotlight on travel, education and any activity that expands your experience of life, philosophy and spirituality included. Here’s the pattern:

Planets in Scorpio:

  • Mars (action/drive) – from October 12th
  • Mercury (communication) – from October 22nd
  • Sun (identity) – from October 23rd

Scorpio season is a good time to take yourself out of your normal environment and enter a place where you can allow your dreams to expand and flow. Being close to water or the sea would be ideal. 

When you find your special place or you connect more deeply with the meaning of life, then you feel at home. Explore whatever calls you, whether it’s a spiritual or artistic path. Find your muse and go with the flow.

Mercury and Mars are a lively duo in Scorpio. Mercury rules communication and Mars rules action. If you’re involved in the media, publishing or the law, aim to get ahead and create a buzz around what you’re doing.

You could take a last-minute holiday or be in contact with friends who live abroad. It’s an explorative phase for you, so make the most of this and keep stepping out of your comfort zone.

Mercury and Mars come together on the 29th, a dynamic duo. Plus, they are opposed by your ruling planet Jupiter strong in earth sign Taurus on the 28th & 29th.

This is about your beliefs and principles, what matters to you on a deep level. Stand up for your rights and think of yourself as a citizen of the world. What do you do need to know to invite more adventure and new experiences into your life?

Lunar Eclipse

At the same time, and adding power and potency to the mix, there’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 28th. This is the last eclipse in an eclipse cycle which began in November 2021.

These eclipses cut across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac and the educational sectors of your horoscope. It’s about schools and teaching, learning and knowledge. Taurus rules siblings, neighbours and your local community. Scorpio rules travel and foreign connections.

It’s wise to be ready for the unexpected when eclipses kick in. For example, a course could be postponed or cancelled, a trip may have to be rescheduled. Yet at the same time, consider where you’re stepping up in life. You could be going back to school as a teacher or be thinking about how to move your skills or qualifications in a new direction.

It’s exciting astrology that’s not without its fair share of drama, the planetary equivalent of a daring roller-coaster ride.

Rest of the Month’s Astrology

Eclipse season often coincides with accelerated growth and big change. Yet, events at the start of October are not to be dismissed. In fact, they are equally significant.

Firstly, talk planet Mercury completes its long journey through your opposite star sign Virgo on the 5th. If your relationships have been complicated or fraught with misunderstandings, get back on track and sort things out as the month begins.

Plus, you have lovely Venus in Virgo and your relationship sector from the 9th onwards. This is a gorgeous symbol for loving relations and Venus may help to smooth out any bumps or crises that got in your way.

Venus is completing her journey through fire sign Leo and your work and health sector. Here too, there may be an opportunity to get the results or solution you’ve been waiting for.

Eclipse Do’s & Don’ts

It’s a double whammy of eclipses this month. The Aries/Libra eclipse cycle continues while the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle comes to an end. Here are some eclipse tips:

  • Try not to fear an eclipse – they are a reminder that you’re not in control.
  • Ideally, don’t choose an eclipse date to launch a project or start something new.
  • Wait a few days after an eclipse before taking action. Eclipse symbolism is shadowy and hidden.
  • Once the eclipse shadow lifts, then you can aim to take advantage of any changes that have occurred.
  • Know that eclipses are closely linked to the karmic nodes and wheel of destiny – they often act as a signpost or turning point.

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