Pisces Horoscope May 2022

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Jupiter On The Move

May could turn out to be a pivotal month for you because of what’s happening with your ruling planet Jupiter. On the 11th, Jupiter leaves your star sign Pisces where it’s been on and off since May 2021.

Jupiter is the planet of luck and opportunity, also the planet of freedom. At its best, Jupiter is a breath of fresh air and when it’s in your star sign, you often feel more able to chase your dreams and go after whatever makes you happy.

Yet, the recent Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces has been a potential deluge of Pisces’ energy which may have felt overwhelming emotionally. This combination often means that you have to surrender to life and go wherever it leads you.

Before Jupiter leaves Pisces this month, there’s a major planetary aspect on the 3rd between Jupiter in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn and your friendship and group sector. This would be an ideal time to seek support or get together with friends to pursue a personal goal. Don’t go it alone as the month begins.

Plus, you have action planet Mars in your star sign until the 24th. Mars is go-getting and passionate, feisty and furious. In your personal sector, this is about your goals and aims, your physical body and well-being.

You may run into competitive situations more than usual this month or find yourself at odds with others. Notice whether you need an outlet for your anger and emotions. Get physical or dive deep into a hobby or personal activity you can lose yourself in.

Like all the other personal planets, Mars connects with your co-ruler Neptune on the 18th. Neptune’s the artist and poet, the musician and muse. It’s where you find inspiration in life. It may be important that you have your escape, your thing that’s personal to you. The Mars/Neptune alliance could be creative or spiritual.

Expansive Jupiter enters Aries on the 11th where it remains on and off until May 2023. Jupiter transits can be powerful if you harness the planet of opportunity well. Aries rules money in your horoscope – finances, assets and possessions and all that you value highly in life. 

Over the course of the next year, you could come across an opportunity to boost your finances, to lead a wealthier or more abundant lifestyle. The flow of money and self-worth could pick up speed considerably.

Keep a close eye on what happens around the 25th when there’s a Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Aries and the 29th, when there’s a Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Aries, both positive factors for money, drive and ambition. It’s here where you’re wise to put more energy and be more competitive moving forwards.

Mercury Retrograde

Do note, however, that Mercury is retrograde this month from the 10th until June 3rd. Mercury is one of the planets linked to trade and the stock markets. Therefore, this isn’t the time to rush into new financial developments or expect things to fall into your lap overnight.

Instead, know that when Mercury’s on go slow, it’s important to pace yourself and wait patiently. Do your research as a better deal or opportunity may come your way once Mercury turns direct.

Retrograde Mercury teams up with lucky Jupiter on the 20th so notice what happens on or around this date. This is ideal for planning and creating a strategy. Mercury and Jupiter together often signify brilliant ideas. 

Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini, the star sign representing home & family in your horoscope. There may be a theme of going back to the past or the past returning to you.

One of the best ways to use the Mercury retrograde phase is to take a step back and look at life differently. It’s a positive time to reconnect with people, especially loved ones. You may be busy with your family tree or trying to find someone you lost touch with. Perhaps, a family reunion or a chance to heal a rift.

There may be another reason why home or family are significant, linked to money or self-worth. You may be considering ways to make money via your home or possessions or be looking at ways to swap or trade skills. You could be helping out a family member financially. Alternatively, you may need to turn to someone close for financial support.

The turning point comes on the 30th when there’s a New Moon in Gemini, a symbol of new beginnings. This is the start of a period of green lights as communication planet Mercury switches to direct motion a few days later on June 3rd.

Lunar Eclipse

Also this month, it’s eclipse season. On April 30th, there was a Solar or New Moon eclipse and this month there’s a Lunar or Full Moon Eclipse on the 16th. These eclipses are part of an eclipse cycle that began in November 2021 and completes in October 2023 cutting across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac.

This is the educational sector of your horoscope. It’s about schools and teaching, learning and knowledge. Taurus rules siblings, neighbours and your local community. Whereas, Scorpio rules travel & foreign connections.

Eclipses, like Mercury retrograde, have a hidden theme. Therefore, you may have changes forced upon you because of external events. A course could be postponed or cancelled, a trip may have to be rescheduled. You might be going back to school as a teacher or be thinking about how to move your skills or your business online.

The exact date of the eclipse is a good time to pause and reassess. Wait and see what emerges when the light returns, where you can take advantage and what you may need to release or let go of.

Some hopes or dreams may have to be shelved or put back in the drawer. There may be a difference of opinion, beliefs or values that affects you profoundly. Use the eclipse energy to take a deep dive into what’s important to you so you emerge from the dark into the light bringing powerful insights with you.

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