Pisces Horoscope January 2023

2023, Pisces horoscope January 2023

Happy New Year

As the year begins, you’re wise to take your time. Two major planets are retrograde moving into 2023 and you may not be able to get ahead as quickly as you would like.

Your progress might be slowed down because of what’s happening with a friend or related to your family. Be reflective about what’s happening but don’t leap in to try and sort things out too soon.

Full Moon/Mercury Direct

On the 6th, there’s a powerful Full Moon taking place. This Full Moon cuts across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac highlighting social activities, friends, children and lovers in your life. It could be a romantic experience for you and there’s a lively vibe on the first weekend of the year.

If you’re celebrating with friends or you’re at a party, you’re in tune with your stars. The planet of spontaneity Uranus is involved in Taurus & your communication and community sector. You might be invited to a last-minute together, perhaps with your siblings, relatives, neighbours or people close to home.

Yet, if there are any issues surrounding your friends or your group activities, you’re wise to put off making a major decision until the 18th. This is because communication planet Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn and this sector of your horoscope.

Mercury turned retrograde on December 29, 2022 and events then may be linked to what’s happening now. Once Mercury turns direct on the 18th, this can be a time when news or information comes to light. What’s been hidden is revealed. 

It’s a good time to speak up and decide whether you’re joining a group or leaving a group. There may be an experience of loss or resentment that impacts your choices moving forward. Reach out to other people and keep the lines of communication wide open.

Mars Direct

There’s another turning point in January that’s linked to your home and family life. Events in these key ares could disrupt what’s happening in your life and this theme has been going on for a while. This is because action planet Mars is currently in Gemini and your home and family sector.

Mars has been retrograde here since October 30, 2022 but turns direct this month on the 12th. This mid-month period could bring a significant turning point your way.

Or, perhaps a difficulty could release or you find a way to push through and sort out a home or family issue. Pay close attention to what’s possible and step up when required. Events this month may take you back into the past – key dates are the 9th & 30th.

Aquarius Themes

You’re entering into a phase which may connect you more with the spiritual world as the star sign Aquarius is strong this month. The planet of love and relating Venus is here from the 3rd to the 27th. Sometimes, this flags up a private love affair or unrequited feelings for someone close.

Plus, the Sun enters Aquarius on the 20th and immediately there’s a New Moon in this same sector of your horoscope on the 21st, a symbol of new beginnings.

Aquarius rules the most hidden sector of your horoscope and turns your attention inward. It can be a time of preparation, when you need to restore your hope and faith. You might be learning to meditate, be on retreat or find yourself listening to your inner voice. 

Aquarius is a social star sign linked to the collective, so this could indicate coming together with other people for a good cause. You might be meditating for peace or become involved in spiritual or philosophical teachings. 

Plus, your traditional ruler Jupiter in Aries and your personal money sector teams up with planets in Aquarius on the 4th & 25th. What you get involved in could earn you money. Or, perhaps you’re willing to invest in yourself and the things in life you value highly.

What you learn this month could prove extraordinary and you might be on a new path gaining knowledge. On the 22nd, the planet of surprises Uranus switches direction in Taurus and your communication sector.

There’s a buzz of energy and information that seems to be targeted in your direction. It would be an excellent time to go back to school or to step into a teaching role. Start something new and this could lead to a whole new vocation, a future path in 2023 and beyond.

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