Pisces Full Moon: Heal Thyself


Tomorrow’s Full Moon (September 19th 2013 at 11:13 GMT) falls across the Virgo/Pisces axis, the axis of work, service, healing and health. The exact degree of the Moon is 26 Pisces 41, the Sun opposing it at 26 Virgo 41. The Full Moon will be most powerful for you if you have planets or angles in your natal chart at the Full Moon degree.

Yet all of us are more likely to experience stronger emotions, sleep restlessly (click here for the latest research) and even display ‘lunatic’ tendencies (the word lunatic being derived from lunar, attributed to the Moon). One of the iconic images of the Full Moon is the wolf baying at the moon.

The Harvest Moon

Lest not forget that the Full Moon is also a symbol of abundance and completion and this Full Moon is termed the Harvest Moon being the one closest to the equinox that falls on September 22nd 2013.  This is when much of nature reaches completeness so it’s not a time to be wasteful but a chance to reap what you’ve sown and take care of your harvest so it sees you through the dark nights that lie ahead.

Looking out the window as I write the fruit trees are full with apples and pears but many of them lie rotting on the ground and haven’t been collected. Instead of being used for desserts, crumbles, jams & chutneys they will mulch back into the ground providing much-needed compost for the soil. Nothing ever goes to waste in the great cycle of nature.

This is your opportunity to tune in to what you need and what will offer you sustenance and comfort as we move into autumn. Feminine intuition and magic powers are heightened at the time of the Full Moon and in many traditional societies the Full Moon is a time of celebration and ceremony.

Reconciling Opposing Energies

The dynamic of a Full Moon in astrology is an opposition and always presents a challenge on how you synthesize opposing energies or clashing wants and needs. There’s invariably an element of conflict but with that comes the opportunity to find a way to work together and use complementary skills or interests for the unity of the whole.

Here are the areas in your own life which are highlighted by this Full Moon:

  • Aries: Retreat & recuperation v. work, service, health & fitness
  • Taurus: Friends, groups & networks v. self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs
  • Gemini: Career & vocation v. home & family
  • Cancer: Travel & exploration v. busyness close to home, neighbours & siblings
  • Leo: Other peoples’ money & joint resources v. personal possessions & values
  • Virgo: Relationships & one-on-one partnership v. personal goals & self care
  • Libra: Work, service, health & fitness v. retreat & recuperation
  • Scorpio: Self-expression, creativity, children & love affairs v. friends, groups & networks
  • Sagittarius: Home & family v. career & vocation
  • Capricorn: Busyness close to home, neighbours & siblings v. travel & exploration
  • Aquarius: Personal possessions & values v. other peoples’ money & joint resources
  • Pisces: Personal goals & self care v. relationships & one-on-one partnership

Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant to see what fits for you most closely. My own Ascendant is Aries and I’m going away for a long weekend for some much needed rest and relaxation and a break away from work and running around after others. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Heal Thyself

Finally the term “Heal Thyself” came into my head as I was thinking about writing an article on this week’s Pisces Full Moon. I looked up the meaning of the phrase and read “attend to your own faults in preference to pointing out the faults of others”. This seems sound advice for a Full Moon with its opposing energies.

The explanation went on to say: “The phrase also suggests that physicians, while often being able to help the sick, cannot always do so and, when sick themselves, are no better placed than anyone else.” Sound words indeed so take good care of yourself on this Pisces Full Moon.

[the beautiful photo is from a set called Meditation on Flickr by Paul Anglada. Here’s the link.]

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