Pisces February 2017

chicken-1822472_1920Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

February is a month when the momentum increases the further along you get. One area of your life where there’s plenty of potential for action and energy is money and finances. This isn’t the time to rest on your laurels or sit back and wait for the money to find you either, it’s a period when the more you put in, the more you get back in return.

The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, action planet Mars is now in Aries and your personal money sector. This is a go-getting dynamic placing for Mars and the more assertive you are, the more you achieve. Whether you want to make money, sort out your finances or do good deeds with the money you own, line up some key goals and get things moving.

The other planet joining Mars in Aries this month is Venus, the planet that rules relating and all the good things in life. Venus enters Aries on the 3rd and will remain here for most of the next four months. So be aware that your desire to treat yourself and others will be stronger than usual but this is also a time when your self-worth can increase.

Aries rules not only money but your values and the more confident you are about what you have to offer, the easier it is for you to be paid what you’re worth. Money and confidence go hand in hand and it’s important to ensure your self-esteem is sound if you want to improve your earnings.

There is another important planet in one of the money sectors of your chart and that planet is Jupiter, your traditional ruling planet. Jupiter represents opportunity and growth and in your joint finance sector, this can be a time when you receive a gift of money, an inheritance or an unexpected bonus.

Jupiter has been in Libra since September 2016 but on the 6th of this month, Jupiter turns retrograde and will be in retreat until June. So the biggest area of learning turns inward rather than outward. In other words, this is a good time to examine your money mindset and to look carefully at your beliefs around money.

Jupiter is heading back towards an opposition with live-wire Uranus in Aries early next month and this combination is about freedom, breaking free from ties that bind you. It’s also a combination that requires a leap of faith and you’re not going to boost your finances if you let fear or doubt get in the way.

Jupiter is especially strong on the 11th and 21st of the month but again the focus is on your inner life, being quiet, waiting for answers to find you.

The 11th is also important because this is the day of a Lunar or Full Moon eclipse. A lunar eclipse is a Full Moon with extra punch. It often coincides with dramatic events, a twist of fate. This eclipse lights up the Leo/Aquarius axis of your chart so it’s about your working life and your lifestyle and your health. It’s how you serve others and what you do that benefits your well-being.

This eclipse links back to the month of August 2016 when a similar eclipse took place. Think back to that date to see what happened that might be relevant to your situation now. Plus this is a new eclipse cycle that continues until January 2019 so it’s likely to be a time when you need to switch round your routine, focus on your health and look after yourself well.

Sometimes change happens due to external events but this eclipse has strong support from other planets. So it looks as if you might be able to take advantage of changes to your routine, your job, your lifestyle.

The freedom planets, Jupiter and Uranus, are pulled into the eclipse pattern. This could indicate a freelance contract or a job that takes you abroad. In addition, Saturn in Sagittarius and your career sector plays a key role so this is about your future direction and where you’re heading in life.

Events now may help you make an important decision about what next and when Saturn’s in your career and vocation sector, it is a time to step up the ladder, to take on a new position of responsibility.

The last two years could have been tough for you with Saturn in this sector of your chart but in 2017, Saturn has strong support from other planets. This is when you can achieve a breakthrough not by starting over completely but instead changing something old into something new. The theme is renewal rather than total transformation.

Life starts to get easier or make more sense once the Sun enters your sign of Pisces on the 18th and your birthday month begins. This is the time to focus on your image and profile, your personal goals and aims and to prioritise your own wants and needs.

More importantly, there is a Solar or New Moon eclipse in Pisces on the 26th and this is often a destiny moment. This is the last in a cycle of eclipses which began in March 2015 highlighting the Virgo/Pisces axis of the zodiac.

So this is likely to have been a time of change when it comes to your personal relationships and how you view yourself. What you want and need has been the main focus not only when it comes to love but also when it comes to your own path in life.

This eclipse feels both creative and compassionate because it pulls in your co-ruler Neptune in your sign of Pisces. So notice your dreams and imagination now. What emerges? Where do your emotions lead you?

This may be a time of surrender, when you’re letting go of the ‘old you’ and adopting new habits or taking on a fresh attitude. You might change direction suddenly or feel overwhelmed with what’s happening in your life.

Try not to be too impulsive during the eclipse week and instead let things be, go with the flow. It may only be an inkling or idea, a seed that’s sown, but if it feels right, it will grow and flourish throughout the coming year.

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