Pisces December 2020

As December begins, the Sun is in Sagittarius, the star sign at the peak of your horoscope. Talk planet Mercury is here too from the 1st to the 20th, lighting up your career & vocation sector.

This part of your horoscope rules your status and reputation too. For some of you, this may be time when you’re adding letters to your name, tying the knot or making your mark in your chose profession.

Solar Eclipse

There is, however, another major planetary event which you need to factor in. On the 14th, there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. This follows on from the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 30th.

These eclipses are part of an eclipse cycle which began in June 2020 and completes in December 2021. It’s significant for you because Gemini & Sagittarius are the star signs which represent the foundations of your horoscope.

Gemini is at the base of your horoscope ruling your home and family, your past and where you come from. Whereas, Sagittarius is at the peak of your horoscope ruling your career and vocation, your future path and where you’re heading.

As eclipses symbolise change, it’s likely that you’re in transition in either or both of these key areas of your life. In fact, it would be unusual to be in the same place you were at the beginning at the end of this eclipse cycle .

Think about the symbolism playing out and look at what’s changing in your own life. It may be that you have a big decision to make about where you live, a tense situation concerning a parent or another member of your family. Alternatively, your next steps are changing and shifting and work will take you elsewhere.

Traditionally, you’re wise to wait a few days after an eclipse before taking action. Allow the shadow of the eclipse to move away to reveal a new picture.

With lucky Jupiter in the mix on the 14th, the day of the eclipse, for some of you this is a time to take a risk and play big. Jupiter is your traditional ruling planet so see what opens up in your life and where you might be ready to trust your luck and be spontaneous.

Jupiter & Saturn – Changing Star Signs

The big news this month, however, is the fact that your ruling planet Jupiter is on the move leaving earth sign Capricorn and entering air sign Aquarius. This time around, Jupiter is not changing star sign alone as both Jupiter and Saturn, the leaders of the zodiac, move into Aquarius within two days of each other.

Saturn moves on the 17th and Jupiter on the 19th. Two days later, on the 21st, they make their epic Great Conjunction. They both leave Capricorn where they’ve been throughout 2020.

Capricorn rules friends and groups in your horoscope, social concerns, politics, humanitarian and environmental issues. Your friends may have been fortunate for you this year. Or, perhaps you’ve joined a new group or association that’s expanded your horizons.

As Jupiter and Saturn leave this part of your horoscope, the Sun & Mercury enter it on the 20th & 21st. Therefore, you might find that what you’ve been working towards starts to flourish in a new way.

This isn’t about you on your own either. It’s about the alliances and strength you find when you make the right connections.

Jupiter and Saturn’s move into Aquarius turns your attention towards the most hidden sector of your horoscope. Aquarius is the star sign before your star sign, Pisces.

This is your opportunity to focus on your inner world, develop your spirituality or your trust and faith in life and the universe.

You may see more clearly the connection between mind, body and spirit. You might benefit from going on retreat or bringing more silence and solitude into your life. Quiet times can be nourishing and nurturing.

This could indicate a period when you choose to go into therapy or explore life beyond the everyday and the obvious. Push back the boundaries and get to know yourself or the universe on a deeper and more expansive level.

You might recognise that you want to care for yourself better or take good care of other people in your life. 

Looking Ahead

Know that this is a time of preparation too and is paving the way for Jupiter’s move in to your star sign Pisces on May 13, 2021. Start planning ahead and consider how you want to get ready for Jupiter, your planet, returning to your star sign Pisces for the first time in twelve years.

You might choose to study or immerse yourself in research over the next few months. Or, you may have a bigger goal plan that you’re working towards.

This feels like a significant change in your future plans. The end of one year and the beginning of the next is the ideal time to look ahead, make a wish, and do what you know is the right move for you.

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