Pisces December 2018

Pisces, winter

Pisces (19 February – 20 March)

This could turn out to be a big month for you when you start to discover what the challenges and triumphs are going to be for you throughout 2019. This has a lot to do with the fact that your ruling planet, Jupiter, is now in Sagittarius at the peak of your horoscope.

Sagittarius rules your career and vocation, your status and reputation and Jupiter remains at home here until the end of 2019. This month, the focus is strongly on your future and where you’re heading. The Sun is in Sagittarius until the 21st and talk planet Mercury returns to Sagittarius on the 12th.

This whole combination means you’re wise to focus on what next in life. Consider what steps you need to take to pursue your chosen career or vocation. Jupiter in Sagittarius is urging you be an entrepreneur, take risks, have a big vision in life and believe that anything’s possible.

The New Moon on the 7th takes place in Sagittarius, an ideal date to sow seeds or launch a project. A new opportunity may come your way. Take advantage of the New Moon to set your intentions and put new ideas into action.

Two more top dates for your career are the 20th and 21st. Firstly, the Sun in Sagittarius teams up with Uranus in Aries and your personal money sector on the 20th. This is about reinvention and being spontaneous to boost your work and money chances. A lovely surprise may come your way enhancing these areas of your life.

On the 21st, there’s a stunning Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius which spells good news. These two planets got together on November 27th but last month Mercury was retrograde, i.e. on go slow. Therefore, this month’s conjunction is about second chances and trying again where you failed once before.

A conversation you had late November or seeds that were sown could bring success your way one month later. Certainly, take advantage of this gorgeous astrology with your planetary ruler, Jupiter, in pole position. Line up a meeting or interview and think big.

Action planet Mars is in Pisces throughout December adding drive and ambition to the mix and Mars teams up with your co-ruler Neptune on the 7th. All exciting stuff and you may be more than ready to chase after a dream or fulfil your potential.

This could also feel scary as if things are taking off too fast or you’re out of control. Can you deliver what you promise or do you feel as if you’ve taken on too much? The planets in Sagittarius clash with your star sign, Pisces on the 3rd and 5th and again on the 24th.

Perhaps, work takes you away from your personal life or there’s an imbalance somewhere. Consider what this means for you and find a way to allay any fears. Learn to trust yourself and your instincts. Know that when you play big, some things work out and some things don’t. 

If there is a clash between yourself and your boss or you’re the boss and you clash with someone you work with, find a way to move on and do things differently. Jupiter represents freedom as well as opportunity.

This would be a good month to travel or at least step out of your normal routine as two planets return to Scorpio and your travel and study sector. Firstly, talk planet Mercury retreats into Scorpio on the 1st, where it turns direct on the 6th and leaves Scorpio on the 12th. Mercury’s change of direction often brings new information to light and it’s a good date to book a holiday or sign up for a course.

Secondly, the planet of relating, Venus, enters Scorpio on the 2nd where it remains until early January. Venus was here between September 9th and October 31st and turned retrograde in Scorpio on October 5th. This may have highlighted an issue with someone you know who lives abroad or perhaps a secret came to light.

This time around, there’s a chance for resolution and to resolve any misunderstandings or heal a rift. If there’s someone you want to get back in touch with, do it now. Venus in Scorpio is a classic symbol for a holiday romance or a long-distance love affair.

Love and friendship are linked this month, key dates being the 16th and 28th. Plus, a Venus-Neptune planetary aspect on the 21st looks positively romantic. 

In fact, the 21st could be a peak date for a love relationship as your planet Jupiter teams up with your partner planet Mercury. Either the two of you have a lively rapport or you’re working together and you’re in sync. You know you’re with the right person when you make a great team.

On the 21st, the day of the Solstice, the Sun moves into Capricorn and your friendship and group sector. Over the subsequent few weeks you may want to gain more support from your friends and colleagues. Turn to your friends for advice and support and get them on board with your personal goals and dreams, where you’re heading and why.

On the 22nd, there’s a Full Moon in Cancer which is potentially romantic but also a great date to spend with your kids or line up some top entertainment. It’s a wonderful weekend to tap into your artistic or creative nature.

On the 25th, Christmas Day, the Moon is in Leo and you’ll be happiest when you’re paying homage to tradition and getting stuck in along with family or friends to help the festivities go with a swing.

On the 31st, New Year’s Eve, the Moon is in Scorpio, a fellow water sign. Ideally you’ll be seeing in the New Year in an exotic destination. If that’s not happening, hang out with your exotic friends and make it a celebration to remember.

Wishing you a happy and peaceful festive season, whatever your faith and however you choose to celebrate.

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