Pisces April 2020

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b. March 1, 1445

Mercury In Pisces

Talk planet Mercury is in your star sign Pisces as April begins, where it remains until the 11th. This is where Mercury turned retrograde on February 17th and Mercury has been in your star sign since early February.

So, in early April, the focus is on you and your personal life, your inner voice and your ability to speak up. You may want to write down your feelings, to journal or share your thoughts and experiences with others.

Mercury teams up with Neptune, your co-ruler, on the 4th, a good date to tend to your imagination and engage with soulful activities and nourish your spirit.

Be careful that you don’t become swamped with news or information. Keep close tabs on how much time you spend on social media and staying informed.

As a sensitive Pisces, you have an empath quality and you’re more vulnerable and emotional than most. Keep boundaries in place to keep yourself safe and sane.

Mars & Saturn

This is also a key feature of Mars’ move through Aquarius and the most hidden sector of your horoscope. Mars remains here throughout April and, as the month begins, it’s close to Saturn.

You may want to hide away or perhaps you need to self-isolate. There’s a lonely feel to this combination. Although as Mars separates from Saturn on or around the 11th, then you will find it easier to start to enjoy aloneness or solitude.

Find new ways to keep yourself engaged and active. Saturn’s the planet of fear which may take hold early April. Do your best to learn strategies to help keep fear at bay.

Aquarius rules technology so ensure you use your time online well. Reach out to others, reconnect, study or learn something new. Often, when planets are in your previous star sign and the most hidden sector of your horoscope, you benefit from walking a spiritual path, finding your religion or faith. Don’t turn Mars’ accusing nature inwards and learn to meditate or to silence your inner critic.

Home & Family

Venus’ move into Gemini on the 3rd lights up your home and family sector. Venus is the planet of love and relating, art and beauty and it remains in Gemini for an unusually long time until August 7th. This is because Venus turns retrograde, i.e. will be on go slow next month.

For now, this promises happiness at home if you can stay flexible and stay connected. You’re one of the mutable star signs so you thrive on variety in life.

Ensure you get out for a daily walk, be around people who lift your spirits and commit to learning something new. Keep your mind and brain lively. You may enjoy talking to your family more than you have done for some time this month.

Jupiter Pluto Conjunction

People are also important for you because of the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on the 5th. This major duo makes two more planetary aspects throughout 2020, on June 30th and November 12th. It acts as a backdrop to your year, an important theme and Capricorn rules your friendship and group sector.

This is an important conjunction for you because it involves your ruling planet, Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, growth and expansion. You may find it hard being away from friends or not being able to connect with the groups in your life in a normal way.

Yet, these two significant planets represent rebirth and renewal, change and transformation. You may be the one to play a leading role bringing people together, either through technology or in your local community.

Keep your eye on the future too as Capricorn rules hopes and wishes in your horoscope. Line up some new goals for later in the year and into 2021. Find ways to remain positive and keep moving forwards.

Taurus & Communication

This is also a feature of Uranus’ move through Taurus, a key transit in your horoscope. Taurus rules your communication sector, your neighbourhood, siblings and local community. Uranus is the technology planet, another nod towards taking your communications online.

Taurus rules study and education so ring the changes, update your skills and make the most of your time. Be careful, however, on or around the 7th when Mars and Uranus clash. This isn’t the best date to get involved in a debate or major conversation as it feels volatile and confrontative. Rein in your emotions and avoid anyone who’s angry or unleashed.

Later in the month, the Sun enters Taurus on the 19th followed by Mercury on the 27th. Plus, there’s a New Moon here on the 23rd, a symbol of new beginnings. An ideal date to learn something new or take a group online.

During this period, you’ll be full of ideas and you need to initiate some of them, even if other people aren’t in agreement. This might not be the best month to listen to your friends, especially on or around the 14th/15th and 25th/26th. Instead, trust yourself and do what feels right for you. Life’s changing quickly towards the end of this month.

Money Matters

Finally, money is important especially during the Full Moon cutting across the Aries/Libra axis on the 8th. This is the financial axis of your horoscope. You have the Sun in Aries until the 19th and talk planet Mercury here from the 11th to the 27th.

On or around the Full Moon, make an important decision about money. Keep the lines of communication open and stay on top of new developments. Don’t rely too heavily on other people when it comes to money. The stars suggest that it’s up to you and you’re the one who has the ability to get things moving.

If you do need support or want advice, choose the weekends for a family or friends conference or online get-together, especially the 11th and the 18th/19th when there’s help and enjoyment in full supply.

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