Part Two: Uranus Enters Taurus

Taurus the bull

Next week, the planet linked to innovation, technology and revolution, Uranus, enters earth sign Taurus. It moves in on May 15, 2018 where it remains until November 6, 2018. It then dips back into Aries for a few months until it takes up residence in Taurus from March 6, 2019 for the next seven years.

What can we expect from Uranus’ move into Taurus, the star sign linked to money, security, food, produce, nature, art and beauty? Admittedly, we’re already seeing some of the changes as is often the case with the slower-moving planets. You get advance notice of where change is imminent.

Money & banking

bull marketMoney is one area of life that is going to be under Uranus’ revolutionary gaze. Crypto-currencies are an obvious symbol for Uranus (technology) in Taurus (money). Will paper money become a thing of the past, will there be a revolution in the banking world?

There are already tremors amongst long-established financial institutions and, as Taurus’ zodiac symbol, the Bull, is linked to the money markets, this is an obvious arena for change. Financial astrologers are starting to feel uneasy.

In the UK, Universal Credit is rolling in as a new system to make benefits simpler – supposedly. The harsh reality is that some people who need financial help the most are being left with a gap of six to eight weeks before the new system takes over from the old system. They are literally being left with nothing.

Uranus is a planet that’s often linked to highs and lows and it’s rarely a steady influence, which is the exact opposite of what Taurus represents. Taurus is fixed earth, slow-moving, plodding, in it for the long game, whereas Uranus wants success overnight, even if it means high stakes. If Uranus in Taurus is to prove symbolic, the next seven years are predicted to be a volatile time for the money markets. Some will win big, others will inevitably lose out.

Food & the earth

Uranus is the planet which splits things apart and you could guess that the divide between stratospheric wealth and poverty will only increase. Food banks are commonplace in the UK and, as the earth provides a great deal of our food, Uranus’ move into earth sign Taurus could highlight where there’s plenty and where there’s little.

Our earth, our world needs tending carefully and Uranus in Taurus will undoubtedly expose the damage of climate change and make it obvious what we need to do differently and urgently to take care of our world. Uranus is sometimes termed the ‘earth shaker’ and nature’s warning signs will only grow louder.

avocadoOn a lighter note, depending how you view it, I googled recent first world problems and high up the list was ‘avocado anxiety’. Many of us are changing the way we eat and finding a ripe avocado isn’t always straightforward for your savvy & healthy shopper.

Uranus’ move into Taurus will revolutionise the way we produce food and bring new and more radical technologies to our consumer needs. Taurus is the farmer, after all.

Cleaning Up

Also, it would be nice to think that cleaning up our planet will become high priority over the next few years. We can’t go on filling up the land with plastic and other materials that are non-perishable. Sustainability must become mainstream if we’re to stop depleting the earth’s natural resources. Uranus in Taurus is going underground.

Another area that’s due a clean-up is technology. Uranus in Aries brought a rapid rise in technological development (see Part One) but Taurus favours security and online data is currently a red-hot topic. Another first world problem on the list was ‘finding free wi-fi’ and Uranus’ move into Taurus may limit what’s free and what’s not on the internet. Tighter restrictions are inevitable as Uranus in Taurus slows down Uranus in Aries’ rapid rate of growth.

Beauty & the body

Taurus is linked to fashion and the beauty industry, thanks to its ruler, Venus, the planet which represents women. Uranus in Taurus will no doubt add to what Jupiter in Scorpio has started with the #metoo movement. Uranus, at its best, represents equality and universal rights.

Although, having recently read an article about sex robots, maybe not all the technological advancements while Uranus is in Taurus will be favourable. It certainly made me go ‘eeugh’. Nothing beats a hug with a real human being, even if techy Uranus tries to persuade you otherwise.

Accommodation & Extra-terrestrials

Taurus is the Builder and alternative housing or community projects could and should take off while Uranus is in Taurus. The world population is expanding at a swift rate and inevitably we’ll need to look at ways of sharing our living space so there’s room for all.

You could also predict that where we live will expand to other planets as Uranus is the opposite of normal and conventional. For the truly wealthy, space travel and ‘space cruises’ are a dream within reaching grasp. There could be more evidence of alien life and ‘extra-terrestrials’, a word which encapsulates Uranus in Taurus.

The Great Exhibition – London 1851

Great ExhibitionLooking back at previous times when Uranus moved into Taurus, one major event stood out. On April 16, 1851, Uranus entered Taurus and two weeks later, on May 1, 1851, there was a New Moon in Taurus.

This is similar to current astrology, although on May 15, 2018, the New Moon in Taurus takes place on the exact same day as Uranus enters Taurus.

May 1, 1851 was the day when the Great Exhibition began in London and it was housed at Crystal Palace. The brain-child of Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, the exhibition was created to display the wonders of industry around the world.

The Great Exhibition showcased manufactured products, modern conveniences and was influential in art and design and international trade. This was during the birth of industrialism and a developing understanding of the natural world.

Hopefully, this can prove to be a shining example while Uranus moves through Taurus over the next seven years. At its best, Uranus’ technological brilliance will bring innovation and new manufacturing to revolutionise and beautify our world.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of Uranus in Taurus symbolism. I’m sure you too will have ideas for how Uranus’ move into Taurus will coincide with life on earth. Please leave your thoughts below if you have something new to add to the list or you want to comment on any of the ideas above.

Part Three is coming tomorrow and will include horoscopes for all 12 star signs on what Uranus’ move into Taurus could mean for you.

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