Part Three: Uranus In Taurus Horoscopes


Uranus, the awakener and planet of change, is on the move on May 15, 2018 as it enters earth sign Taurus. The last time Uranus changed star sign was 2011 and Uranus remains in Taurus until 2026. What will this epic move mean for you? Read both your Sun sign and Ascendant sign for a complete picture.


Uranus has spent the last seven years in your star sign, Aries, and this can feel like the equivalent of a mid-life crisis. You’re spontaneous and direct by nature and Uranus will have activated your inner activist and your desire for change. You may have developed a powerful online profile, altered your appearance completely or initiated a major life change. Uranus’ move into Taurus is about to rock your security levels as Taurus rules your money, possessions and what you build for the future. Who knows, you could decide to give everything away over the next seven years or perhaps you’ll be the whizz kid of crypto currencies who makes a fortune. One way or another, your finances are entering an unpredictable yet exciting phase.


Your sign is fixed earth and one thing you don’t like is change. Here comes Uranus, the planet of change, which at the very least is going to shake you out of a rut. Start by fixing your gaze firmly on the future and consider Uranus’ love of all things new and modern. It’s a wise idea to embrace change, whether this means you update your skills, tinker with technology or turn your life around. Uranus in Taurus challenges the status quo; it defies convention, brings out your inner rebel and makes you question a routine, settled way of life. Now’s the time to explore an unconventional life-style and flaunt what’s unique, different or unusual about you. If you end up at the forefront of new innovations over the next seven years, you’re in flow.


Uranus in Aries may have turned you into a political animal over the last seven years. Uranus has been in your group sector and you will have been discovering who your friends are and which of them are reliable and which are not. You may have changed allegiances or alliances more than once and you may still be unsure which way you swing. Uranus’ move into Taurus turns your attention inward rather than outward. If you’re expecting a revolution, it could come via the way you think, relax or tend to your soul. Embrace wierd and wonderful experiences, push back the boundaries of what’s possible and what you believe in. Your change is from the inside-out and, once you discover the new you, only then can you take what you’ve learned out into the world.


For the last seven years, the unpredictable planet Uranus has been in Aries and your career and vocation sector. Unless you’ve been making waves in a high-tech environment or you’ve enjoyed being a freelancer, the whole Uranus Aries game can be too unsettling for security-loving Cancer. You work best when you have a safe base to call your own and you can put down roots in order to make things grow. Uranus’ move into Taurus revolutionises your friendships, group connections and your place in wider society. Go online if you’re feeling lonely and connect with other people via the airwaves. Take up an unusual hobby and hang out with a unique, even mad set of friends. Encourage each other to be wild and don’t settle for a routine existence.


Uranus in Aries stimulated your travel and study zones. If you learned to sky-dive or speak an unusual language over the last seven years, you’ve been zapped by Uranus in Aries. For the next seven years, you’re on a new adventure but this time it’s serious. Uranus in Taurus triggers your career and future sector. It’s about your vocation in life, your status and reputation. You might be leading an online group or moving a business on to the internet. Change too is part of the Uranus in Taurus set up so don’t expect to be in the same job in seven years time as you are now. Instead, embrace the future and keep reinventing yourself. Being a Leo, you’re a natural boss but with Uranus in Taurus, you’re going to have to be unconventional, original and unique.


The money shenanigans of the last seven years are now behind you. Whether Uranus in Aries brought you highs or lows on the financial and security fronts, it’s time to line up your cash ducks and get yourself organised for the future. Uranus now enters your fellow earth sign Taurus, which is ideal for a big adventure, finding your backpack and seeing the world. Taurus rules the bigger picture in your horoscope, which includes study, learning, philosophy, spirituality. Basically, any activity that opens your eyes to new horizons. Stop worrying about doing the right thing and do the crazy thing, the mad thing, the once-in-a-lifetime thing. Find your fellow seekers in life and set off on a path that takes you out of your comfort zone and into the wide blue yonder.


For the last seven years, Uranus has been in your opposite sign Aries and your relationship sector. Sometimes, this coincides with a whirlwind romance. Othertimes, it spells the end of the road for love, often in an unexpected way. Close relationships, both personal and professional, will slowly start to stabilise once Uranus moves on. Taurus rules money in your chart, in particular monies that are shared with other people. This is about financial organisations, taxes, mortgages, debt and savings, inheritance. This is a good time to experiment with investments and make money via the internet or unusual means. It’s rarely a predictable transit, however, and your attitude to money, power, death and sex could change radically over the next seven years.


If you’ve been working freelance while Uranus was in Aries or taking an alternative approach to your health and lifestyle, you’ve been in tune with Uranus’ transit through your lifestyle sector. Uranus now moves on to oppose you in the zodiac as it enters your opposite sign of Taurus. Taurus rules your 1-to-1 relationships, both personal and professional. Uranus is the planet of splits but also falling head-over-heels in love. It’s likely that your current relationship status will change significantly over the next seven years. You might fall for someone who’s not your usual type or be willing to experiment with an unconventional love life. Watch out for cyber-enemies but also take note of people you can learn from, who propel you into the future at a fast rate.


Uranus in Aries made life fun (although admittedly it coincided with party-pooper Saturn in your star sign Sagittarius). Aries is a fellow fire sign and you may have made some bold moves around romance, children & pregnancy or your creative talents. Perhaps your life took an unexpected turn in one of these key areas. Uranus in Taurus is a different ball-game altogether as Uranus triggers changes at work or with regard to your health. If you’ve not worried too much about your well-being for some time, Uranus in Taurus might have you searching the internet for the latest health and fitness ideas. At work too, think alternative, whether you choose to go freelance or you use the internet to widen your success potential. Keep moving forward and revolutionise your lifestyle.


When you have Uranus hanging around the base of your horoscope, your home and family life are rarely steady and stable and often you experience a sense of being rootless. This is where Uranus has been stirring things up over the last seven years, in Aries and the part of your horoscope which rules your past, your ancestry and where you come from. If you’ve moved a lot, you’ll start to feel more settled. Uranus in Taurus aligns nicely with your Sun in Capricorn and is bringing spontaneity and excitement to all the good things in your life. Taurus rules romance, children & pregnancy, creative projects, entertainment and luck. Expect the unexpected, go with the flow, learn to play and do what makes you feel good rather than what you feel obliged to do.


Uranus in Aries brought out your inner spokesperson and increased your desire to speak up, fight the establishment and be a radical revolutionary. Uranus is, after all, one of your two ruling planets, so part of your nature is unpredictable and reactionary. Uranus’ move into Taurus means it’s probably not the time to stay put in one place or take on a long-term building project. This planetary/sign combination will increase your restlessness and, at times, you may find yourself contemplating what home really means to you. The size of your family could change dramatically, you may choose to move into a commune or book your place on a rocket that’s heading for outer space. Where home and family are concerned, do it your way and don’t let anyone limit your freedom.


Unpredictable planet Uranus is almost out of Aries and your personal money sector after an exceptional seven years. If your finances have been erratic; if you won big but then lost a fortune overnight, that’s Uranus in Aries for you. Alternatively, you might have become a crypto-currency expert. In your horoscope, Taurus rules communication, both the spoken and written word. It’s the ideal time to launch your blog, learn a new language, teach online. Your relationship with your siblings or your neighbours may be more erratic than usual or the neighbourhood watch scheme could take over your life. Community is paramount and finding where you belong and where you don’t is an ongoing journey. Not everyone will appreciate your Pisces’ wit and way of looking at the world.

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