Ode To Libra: Love At The Coast

Artistic drawing of a child on a beach

Love at the Coast


though i cannot find you

it would be easy imagining

this cool enclave of cliff

where the sea comes in at a rush

hissing under dark cliffs

green to a darker green


easy to see you among this hypnotic

lapping of water

where light curves

as long bladed oars

dipped in the hazy atlantic


beware of memory

as summer wanders to the sea’s edge



limpid as sparkling stalks

drawn through water and light



this summer wind of memory

lost in the image and rush

of a far whiter sea

and this beach at dawn


in this kind examining light

we should lead our lives

lead our lives


4 thoughts on “Ode To Libra: Love At The Coast”

  1. Sally, did you write this poem? Haunting but beautiful.

    I have a question re: love compatibility and Libras. My ASC and moon are in Libra and my current partner has Sun in Libra. Yes, we are the moon and sun conjunct hence the reason we are having a fated relationship.

    I’ve read about sun/moon connections in synastry but I’ve also heard about Sun/Descendant connections and hear they are more powerful when one person’s Sun conjuncts the other’s descendant.

    What are your thoughts about this? Which would you say is more powerful?

    1. Bel, I didn’t write the poem but it was written for me. Beautiful, isn’t it.

      It’s super-powerful when you have a cosmic marriage with another person (Sun/Moon conjunct) and as powerful when you have one of the lights, the Sun or Moon conjunct the other person’s Descendant. Very often a soul-mate connection, someone who it is hard to let go of.

      best, Sally

  2. Thanks Sally. I’m just starting to look at compatibility charts and I understand that Carl Jung used synastry to determine the ‘cosmic marriage’ aspect.

    Does your e-book provide details about synastry aspects?

    For example, I’m curious about the Saturn opposite Venus in synastry – read many conflicting interpretations.

    1. hi Bel, no my eBook is Sun sign compatibility only. I can’t help to be honest. I know there are some good synastry books out there. Maybe take a look on Amazon. best, Sally

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