October’s Astrology: A Bumper Crop

abundance, October astrologyOctober is one of my favourite months of the year.

Admittedly I’m slightly biased as we have four birthdays to celebrate in October in our house.

Yet the astrology this month is gorgeous, promising a spectacular harvest, a bumper crop and more.

Here’s what you need to know to make the most of the month of October:

1. Mercury turns direct – October 9th

Yes, the communication planet has nearly completed its third and final retrograde phase of 2015 and I love the energy around Mercury turning direct. I swear you can literally feel knots untangling, the sap rising and problems resolving as life begins to get back up to speed.

Mercury retrograde often coincides with issues surrounding technology, transport, travel, firming up plans and as Mercury’s been retrograde in Libra, there’s been more indecision and changes of mind than usual. Libra is the relating sign and with Mercury on go slow in Libra, cue misunderstandings, people going quiet on you, a change of heart.

So Mercury turning direct is a hip hip hooray moment in the astrological calendar. Look out for people getting back to you, new information coming to light and try and push things through a day or so before Mercury turns direct. Someone you want to talk to/need to get hold of? Go for it.

2. New Moon Libra – October 13th

Only a few days after Mercury turns direct, there’s a New Moon in the same sign of Libra. These two astrological events have a lot in common as there’s a ‘fresh start’ feel to both of them. The time is ripe for taking the initiative, launching a project, making things happen.

The New Moon in Libra symbolises balance and Libra aims for peace and harmony in relationships. It’s time to consider the other person’s point of view, to listen as well as talk, to reach out and connect. Get your relationships back on a steady footing, forgive and start over.

3. Jupiter trine Pluto – October 11th

I’ve been looking forward to this dynamic aspect between two of the most important planets for what seems like ages. Here’s what I wrote in the introduction to Your 2015 Stars at the beginning of the year:

“October feels more grounded when it’s time to consolidate what you’ve achieved or rein in your creative ideas to ensure they don’t disappear into the ether and you actually see them through. To achieve success, concentrate on one project or idea at a time; multi-tasking is out; focus and consistency are in. 

By October Jupiter is firmly established in the earth sign of Virgo and makes a stunning trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn on October 11th. Jupiter is picking up both ends of the Uranus-Pluto square this year with it’s trine aspects to Uranus and Pluto, helping you to turn something that resembled a disaster into a victory. 

Jupiter and Pluto in earth signs represent big power, hidden riches and the opportunity to transform base metals into gold. You often find these two planets in aspect in the charts of wealthy individuals and earth signs like to build for the future.”

You can see why this is such an important planetary aspect and at its best, it offers you a real chance to turn dreams into reality. Plus there are two more Jupiter/Pluto trine aspects next year on March 16th and June 26th 2016. This isn’t a one-off wonder, it’s a chance to create something special over the next nine months.

4. Venus conjunct Jupiter – October 25th

Venus and Jupiter are the benefics in astrology, which means they are the two best planets. Venus rules love and money, art and beauty, and Jupiter expands whatever it touches. This planetary combination is filled with promise.

Usually Venus and Jupiter meet by conjunction once a year but because of Venus’ retrograde motion from July 25th-September 6th, there have been three connections between these two planets. The first encounter was on July 1st, the second on August 4th and this is their 3rd and final meet up.

What’s different this time around is the sign in which they meet. The first two conjunctions were in Leo and this one is in Virgo. So it’s a different energy, less showy, less generosity; more abundance, a more sensual connection.

Virgo is the sign of service and Jupiter is a protective influence: caring for others, healthy habits and small gestures mean a lot. Spirituality seeps into your everyday existence and you sense the value of the little things in life. Love what you do and who you’re with.

5. Full Moon Taurus – October 27th

The Full Moon phase represents completion when the light of the Moon is at its fullest. Emotions are heightened at the Full Moon and traditionally it’s a time of celebration. The light of the Moon is energising, there’s less need for sleep and it’s said that more babies are conceived during the Full Moon phase than at any other time in the monthly moon cycle.

Certainly this feels a fecund and lush Full Moon as it too falls in one of the earth signs, Taurus. The Moon is exalted in Taurus, powerful and strong, the earth mother, a safe harbour.

Autumn delights are upon us so make the most of this abundant and fertile month. Savour every drop, taste every morsel, be indulgent and build for the future, create a lasting legacy.

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