October Astrology Exposed

Fairground rideYou need a gripping headline when you’re beginning a month that promises to be a roller-coaster ride astrologically.

Hopefully there’ll be whoops of delight and thrills along the way and you don’t spend the whole ride hanging on tight with your eyes shut.


Here’s what’s coming up in October:

Mercury Retrograde [2 Scorpio-16 Libra] – October 4-25

Yup, it’s Mercury retrograde season as the planet of communication is on go slow from October 4th-25th. There is a fair amount of negative press around the pesky communication planet up to it’s tricks but there are ways you can deal with this period that don’t involve a complete communication breakdown. Be prepared, back up data, know that journeys or admin calls may take longer than expected and double-check important meetings, correspondence, dates, get-togethers, etc.

Plus Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to slow down, rethink what next, reflect on your life, reassess your situation and even go back to the past to try again with something that stalled in your life, to catch up with old friends or lovers and honour past connections.

New information often comes to light once Mercury turns direct in the heavens and it can be the equivalent of a switch going on in your brain as you’re no longer undecided but ready to make a big decision. That date is October 25th and Mercury remains in Libra until November 8th.

Mars trine Uranus – October 5/Mars trine Jupiter – October 8

Strong fire sign energy picks up again early October following on from last month’s Jupiter-Uranus trine on September 25th. Mars (action) is in Sagittarius, Uranus (change) is in Aries and Jupiter (opportunity) is in Leo. If you’re one of the fire signs, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, nothing and no-one can stop you doing what you want at this time. Same goes for Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces.

This Grand Fire Trine guarantees adventure, new experiences and fighting for what you believe in. It’s hedonistic, wild and a little bit crazy. It calls out the risk-takers, the entrepreneurs, and the people who want to live life to the full.

Yes, this Grand Fire Trine is caught up with the eclipse energy but some opportunities are too good to miss out on especially if you believe that life is short and life’s for living. It’s your shout but I bet there’ll be a few of you (myself included) who’s ready for the next big leap no holds barred.

Lunar Eclipse [15 Aries 05] – October 8

This Lunar Eclipse is unique as it links in so many of the other planets. It’s called a kite shape in the heavens. It’s not just the Sun and Moon opposing each other across the sky but Uranus sits next to the Moon, Venus sits next to the Sun and Pluto squares all of them. Throw in Mars and Jupiter in fire signs lighting up the trail and you’re dealing with a powerful energy.

Full Moons are a time when emotions are heightened and a Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon which links in to the karmic nodes. This is why eclipses are often thought of as ‘destiny moments’. Eclipse symbolism is shadowy and hidden, there’s an unexpected element plus at a Lunar Eclipse, you have to take other people into account as what happens in their lives impacts on your own.

As this eclipse cuts across the Aries/Libra axis it’s about your relationship with a.n.other; a romantic relationship, a business partnership, an opponent or an enemy. What’s important to know is that you aren’t in full possession of the facts so give yourself time to let the dust settle. If you can, remain open-minded, tolerant, open-hearted and be willing to hear both sides of the coin plus look for solutions that help work towards an agreement.

For some this won’t be possible and this event may offer you an opportunity to break free or do your own thing. Either way, there will be consequences and if you need to reflect on what next, buy yourself some time.

Notice also that Mercury retrograde is moving back to this same place in the heavens and on October 25th Mercury turns direct at 16 Libra, very close to the eclipse degree. Late October/early November is when the path clears and you’re ready to move ahead.

Solar Eclipse [0 Scorpio 25] – October 23

This is another powerful eclipse. Why? Because it takes place at 0 Scorpio and the beginning and end of each sign of the zodiac are ‘critical’ degrees as they often begin or end a new chapter. A Solar Eclipse is a different energy to a Lunar Eclipse as it’s a New Moon, a seed point in the month and in the year. Again the nodes connect with this Moon phase plus Venus is involved in this eclipse too. In fact on October 23rd, the Sun, Venus and the Moon all enter Scorpio on the same day.

This is a whoosh of feminine energy and for some it indicates new love or the kind of romance that sweeps you off your feet. Tap into your intuition and your instinctive nature as this is a powerfully creative energy. Let your imagination soar, believe in yourself, be true to who you are. As with the Lunar Eclipse, let the dust settle before making a major decision and wait to see how you feel a few days later. If your heart is still singing and your love is pure, who knows what magic you can conjure.

Scorpio is the all-or-nothing sign and as Saturn has been wading it’s way through Scorpio since late 2012, for some this is about closing the door on a part of your life that’s no longer bearable or useful and committing to a fresh start. If you’ve been dragged down to the depths by Saturn, you’re more than ready to stop diving and swim as fast as possible to emerge from the dark waters and breathe in clean, fresh air. Eclipses are strong so see this as part of the process and know that the events taking place in October mean you can’t avoid change and your success lies in good timing. It’s the end of the October and into November when you can start taking great strides forward.

Mars enters Capricorn – October 26th

Action planet Mars leaves behind fun-loving Sagittarius and enters business-like Capricorn on October 26th. This is a good move for Mars as Capricorn is a sign it can excel in. Mars can create a plan, formulate a strategy and put that ambitious nature to good use. Mars is looking for a mountain to climb and wants a big project to get busy with. For some this is about getting your ducks in a row ready for 2015 and looking to the long-term future. Make a game plan, decide what next.

After the roller-coaster ride of October’s stars, Mars in Capricorn is the planetary equivalent of a mighty oak tree, the safe base from which you can more clearly see the path or direction that lies ahead. No more deep-sea diving, no more confusion or drama but steady solid progress.

Do read your monthly stars for October which you can find as individual blog posts on the home page, on the ‘Monthly’ page on the navigation bar at the top of the page or by searching for ‘… Monthly Stars October 2014. Add your individual Sun Sign (also called Star Sign) or Ascendant Sign to gain a fuller understanding of what lies ahead in October and how best to navigate your way forward. 

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  1. Hi Sally,
    Great article! Very fortunate to have found your site. Informative and positive without veering into fearmongering or wishy-washiness (yep, they’re both words! LOL) Thank you 🙂

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