November’s Supermoon


This month’s Full Moon which takes place on November 14th 2016 was always looking lovely. The Moon will be exalted in the sign of Taurus, a safe harbour and the Moon in Taurus represents emotional and financial stability, a chance to reap what you’ve sown, a tasty harvest.

There are no major clashing aspects to this Full Moon either which takes place with the Sun at 22 degrees 38 Scorpio opposite the Moon at 22 degrees 38 Taurus. A fine marker for the mid-month period.

Then it turns out that this is no ordinary Full Moon but a record-breaking Supermoon and astronomers and scientists alike are raving about it.

It’s billed as being the biggest Full Moon in 70 years and the closest to earth since 1948. Wow!

Supermoons aren’t that rare, in fact the one on October 16th 2016 was a Supermoon as is the subsequent Full Moon on December 14th 2016, so effectively we will experience three Supermoons in a row. Yet when the November Full Moon is going to be the biggest Full Moon in 70 years, it is something special.

This is the closest the Moon is likely to get to the earth until 2034, so make sure to find the time for a superior session of star-gazing, weather permitting.

Full Moons are always a peak period in the month, as they are potentially a time of completion and achievement when you can let down your hair and celebrate.

November’s Full Moon however is pulling out all the stops – it’s going to be a big one.

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  1. A post each day in November, wao that’s cool, Sally! It’s a pleasure to follow your blog. Thanks for your efforts 🙂

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