November Horoscopes 2023

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Apologies that this month’s horoscopes are short. Eclipse season is often a time of highs and lows, love and loss. And, with my Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Libra aligned with the two powerful eclipses, October proved to be so.

Part of my eclipse story is that I fell and banged my arm quite badly. It turns out I have a small fracture in my right elbow. Fortunately, I don’t need a cast. However, it does mean I’m having to limit my writing until the bone heals completely, which will take around six weeks. This is why your horoscopes for November are short and sweet. I’m fairly confident I will be back to full capacity for your December horoscopes. 

I know you will be disappointed that there are no lengthy horoscopes for this month and I don’t like to let you down. I hope you will bear with me and come back to read your December horoscopes next month. For now, enjoy a short snippet of what November holds – I have added the most important astrology dates at the bottom of the page.


Your ruling planet Mars is powering forward in Scorpio and your joint finance sector until the 24th. The New Moon falls here on the 13th, a symbol of new beginnings. Where do you need to start over financially after the drama/excitement of the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle which began in November 2021 and completed in October 2023? Step into your power while Mars is a dominant force this month. Yet, learn to compromise in love and relationships, while Venus is in Libra from the 8th onwards. The Full Moon on the 27th favours travel, education and new experiences.


Love and passion are under the cosmic spotlight in November. Your ruling planet Venus is in Virgo and your romance sector until the 8th. More importantly, passion planet Mars is powerful and strident in Scorpio and your relationship sector until the 24th, a feisty combination. Uranus’ involved with the New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th suggests that you may be the one feeling rebellious. When it comes to your everyday lifestyle and health, aim for peace and harmony with Venus in Libra from the 8th onwards. Turn your attention to finances during the Full Moon on the 27th.


Your ruling planet Mercury is leading the way this month, so negotiate well where work and health are concerned. Scorpio is the star sign linked to healing and transformation and this is where there’s power and energy up until the 24th. Make bold moves in these key areas of your life. Saturn’s change of direction on the 4th is important for your career direction and future path. What’s coming to an end and where are you ready to step into your authority? When it comes to love, there’s lightness and frivolity up for grabs. Yet, keep your wits about you during the Full Moon on the 27th.


The New Moon on the 13th could bring a friendship shake-up. Or, perhaps you leave a group situation that’s been part of your life over the last two years. It may be that love and friendship don’t mix and you choose the former over the latter. Your approach to the month ahead could be fast and furious, as you recognise that life is short and you want to fit in as much passion and pleasure as possible. Venus’ move into Libra on the 8th is a reminder that home is where the heart is – perhaps, you’re in interior design heaven. The Full Moon on the 27th is your cue to get work back on track.


You have a lot going on in your home and family sector this month. This is where there’s drive and ambition, also potentially noise and arguments too. During the New Moon on the 13th, you could be at a dramatic crossroads pitting work against family. Ideally, be there to support one another. Aim for more collaboration, if it feels that events are moving too quickly. Communicate clearly and ensure your needs are heard. Fun and games are a welcome antidote to the serious side of life. You could lose yourself in a new love affair that picks up the pace during the Full Moon on the 27th.


Your ruling planet Mercury is in your communication sector until the 10th. Yet, that doesn’t mean you’re not going to be caught up in intense and heated debates throughout November. There’s passion in your words and actions. Events on or around the New Moon on the 13th could mean that you lose out on a travel or study opportunity. Stand firm for what you believe in. Turn your attention to earning money and improving your home. Family life could be a joy. However, the Full Moon on the 27th may highlight where there are differences between you and your loved ones.


Money is firmly under the cosmic spotlight for most of November. If you want to improve your financial situation, put drive and determination into earning more. Focus on being financially independent and cut any unwanted ties during the New Moon on the 13th. The more confident you are, the more likely you are to attract abundance into your life. Your ruling planet Venus is in your star sign Libra from the 8th onwards. Use your personal style to bring more beauty into the world. The Full Moon on the 27th highlights your beliefs and principles – be true to who you are.


It’s Scorpio season and your birthday month until the 22nd. There’s power and drive in your astrology with your ruling planet Mars in pole position. Use Mars’ influence to empower yourself, rather than let warlike Mars dominate. Events on or around the New Moon on the 13th could reveal who’s not there for you. Do whatever’s necessary this month to develop your inner or personal transformation. Channel your power into finances, earnings and gaining confidence as November progresses. The Full Moon on the 27th is a good date to be cash savvy and review your spending.


If you’re a typical Sagittarius, you’re not secretive or private. Yet, that might be a wise response, while there’s so much going on behind the scenes this month. There’s power in confidences, keeping your friends close and your enemies closer still. Prioritise self-care and well-being on or around the New Moon on the 13th. Talk planet Mercury leads the way into your star sign Sagittarius on the 10th. Focus on your personal goals, where you’re heading and why. Fire some arrows high into the air and line up an adventure for 2024. Keep your wits about you during the Full Moon on the 27th.


Your ruling planet Saturn turns direct on the 4th. This may be your cue to step into a role as teacher or guide. Get back on track with educational or learning goals. Friends in high places could open doors for you this month. However, know who’s a friend and who’s not. The New Moon on the 13th could spring a surprise. Venus in Libra and your career and vocation sector from the 8th onwards is a reminder to use your networks and connections to get ahead. Think team work. If life is becoming all drama and no play, take a step back and slow down during the Full Moon on the 27th.


Your traditional ruling planet Saturn dominates from the 4th onwards. Get serious about finances and make a key strategic decision on or around this date. You could be going hell-for-leather this month, when it comes to your career and vocation. Try not to be overly impulsive on or around the New Moon in Scorpio on the 13th. Keep your eye on the future but don’t throw away past experiences. Friendships are where there’s life and spirit. Find your tribe or line up a long-distance holiday with friends. As long as you don’t take your eye off finances, the Full Moon on the 27th promises fun.


If you’re studying, you’re potentially in for a busy month. Saturn’s change of direction in your star sign Pisces on the 4th is a reminder that hard work and effort can pay off. Step away from the gossip during the New Moon on the 13th and line up some higher goals or more meaningful past-times. Work alongside your partner to smooth over any recent money issues. Aim for financial harmony. Mercury’s move into Sagittarius and your career and vocation sector on the 10th is your cue to look ahead. This isn’t a month to play small, as events during the Full Moon on the 27th could prove.

Key Astrology Dates – November 2023

  • Saturn turns direct [0 Pisces 31] – November 4
  • New Moon [20 Scorpio 44] – November 13
  • Sun conjunct Mars Scorpio – November 18
  • Sun enters Sagittarius – November 22
  • Full Moon [4 Gemini 51] – November 27

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  1. Dear Sally,

    Sorry to hear about your accident, but glad to hear that you don’t need to have a cast! I do hope that you heal quickly
    and please take good care of yourself.

    Wishing you the very best,
    Julie Turner

  2. Speedy Recovery to you, Sally. Thanks for your November horoscope. And yes, looking forward to your December (birth month) astral reading. TC always for the stars need you🀩🀩🀩

  3. Adrian Baumgartner

    WHy are these monthlies so short?!

    Just kidding, appreciate your work and I hope you’ll get better soon.πŸ™πŸ€—

    PS: doctors usually don’t tell or don’t know, but depending on how you use your arm, there’s stress on the fracture which is exactly what you don’t want.
    Look into KT tape to give lateral support along the break, it will heal faster.πŸ‘

  4. Wishing you all the best and a quickie and full recovery From your painful elbow, get well and stay strong. Thank you for your wonderful efforts.

  5. Hi Sally, just taking the liberty to to let you know that homeopathic Symphytum 200C would be good for healing broken bones. Along with Arnica, it should speed healing. From Helios Homeopathy, or Ainsworth or Nelson’s homeopathic pharmacy.

    Collagen hydrolysate, and Calcium fructoborate would be helpful. And there are herbs such as nettle and dandelion. My Chinese medicine teacher spoke about healing bones in 2 weeks rather than 6, applying hot compresses of special herbal preparations three times a day. While that is rather impractical, it hinges on increasing circulation, preventing blood stasis etc. Some modern, easier versions are available known as Dit da Jow. Such as from “Ageless Herbs”. Or, a selection of essential oils can be used.

    Ok, sorry for hitting you with all that unsolicited info. It’s not that I’m trying to get you back to work more quickly! It’s my Venus in Virgo. I look for solutions and give advice! And it’s my way to say thnk you for your wonderful podcasts!
    Wishing you a good recovery.

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