Next Prime Minister: Those Charming Men

announcement of next PM

The next Prime Minister will be announced tomorrow, July 23, 2019.

If the papers are right, the UK’s new PM will be Boris Johnson. I would guess that he’s going to be a hot favourite with the older-generation demographic of Conservative voters.

I’ve had a quick look at the astrology for both of the last two in contention, Boris and Jeremy Hunt. What a pair of charmers! Both men were born with the Sun next to Venus, in Boris’ case a retrograde Venus.

And, weirdly, their astrology mirrors one another. Boris is a Sun Gemini with a Scorpio Moon. Whereas, Jeremy is a Sun Scorpio with a Gemini Moon.

Looking at the chart for the announcement, Venus is also the ruling planet. Her next aspect, a conjunction with retrograde Mercury. And yes, once again in the UK, the big decisions are being made while the planet of communication, Mercury, is in retreat. It’s trickster astrology.

The Fool

My first thoughts looking at the chart for the announcement was ‘Fool’. Notice the Ascendant degree, the Midheaven degree and the Sun degree – all at 0 degrees of their respective star signs. The three most important planetary angles/bodies in the chart at 0 degrees.

Which reminds me of the first card of the Tarot, the Fool, whose card number is 0. The Fool represents a beginning or fresh start, a return to simplicity.

If floppy-haired Boris is our next PM, he brings with him his bumbling buffoon persona which may charm some people but surely not ideal when leading a country?!

Note, Jeremy has slightly better astrology this week as his natal Jupiter is at 3 degrees Leo and the Sun in Leo will highlight his ‘lucky’ Jupiter this Thursday. I still think Boris will prevail. Maybe, the astrology chart for the announcement tells us why!

Birth Data:

Boris Johnson, b. June 19, 1964, 2:00 pm, New York, NY, USA

Jeremy Hunt, b. November 1, 1966, time unknown, Kennington, UK

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