New Moon Virgo …And Relax

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New Moon [17 Virgo 00]

London – September 9, 2018 (19:01 GMT+1)

New York – September 9, 2018 (14:01 GMT-4)

Sydney – September 10, 2018 (04:01 GMT+10)

It’s not often that you hear me talking about the importance of relaxing when there’s a New Moon in Virgo. After all, Virgo is the sign of industriousness and, in the northern hemisphere, the season of Virgo coincides with the return to school or work after the summer break.

However, there’s a different vibe in the current astrology. It feels as if this is a time to slow down, so you can move forwards instinctively and purposefully.

Earth Sign Energy

We are currently in the midst of some powerful earth sign energy and earth signs are not only about work and productivity but also nature and instinctual behaviour.

Here’s the planetary format. On September 6th, communication planet Mercury moved into its sign of rulership, Virgo. The same day, steady Saturn turned direct in its sign of rulership Capricorn and is slowly inching forwards. Then, on September 7th came a Grand Earth Trine between Mercury, Saturn and Uranus.

Therefore, this weekend, listen carefully to what’s happening, tap into the silence and be quiet in nature. Go back to the earth, walk barefoot, lie on the ground. If your mind is whirring or there’s too much noise, you’ll miss out on the subtlety, the quiet messages and signs that are always around you.

Neptune’s Waters

Also, this New Moon picks up an opposition to Neptune in Pisces, perfect for being close to water, a lake, a river or the sea. Swim in nature’s bounty and open yourself to the magic of the natural world.

Stop, clear your mind and see what comes to you when you’re in flow, un-rushed and unhurried. Give yourself time to dream. This is where true creativity hides, when you allow ideas to appear that are unexpected and exciting.

Virgo Style

Next week, you can start to tick off your list of things to do Virgo-style, you can pick up the pace, get organised and make things happen.

A New Moon is a symbol of new beginnings when you can adopt healthy habits, eat well and take care of your body, in sync with Virgo’s nature. New Moon energy lasts until the following Full Moon, which falls on September 25th.

… And Relax

First, give yourself space. Take yourself off somewhere new, let your mind wander or journal if you prefer. Keep it freestyle. Chill out in the bath, curl up with a good book, rest and nap.

Wait until the silver slither of the crescent moon emerges in the night sky on Monday or Tuesday. Only then, make your wish and tend to your garden of life.


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Sending you New Moon Wishes

2 thoughts on “New Moon Virgo …And Relax”

  1. Wow this is amazing. This Taurean who had forgotten about the new moon did all of the above and suddenly felt as if something had changed for the better as I walked through a woodland with my 11 year old grandson. The place I have always thought of as my spiritual place but haven’t visited for over 15 years. While I was there I introduced him to my special tree and he chose a special tree of his own. Other things happened too much to go into here but all in all a massive shift has taken place I literally, physically felt it happen

    1. I hear you, Jenni. I spent the weekend by the sea – totally restorative 🙂 Now I’m ready for the New Moon wave of activity…

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