New Moon Virgo: And Attack

New Moon

New Moon [4 Virgo 04] 

– August 27, 2022 (09:17 GMT+1)

At the time of the New Moon, all is dark. You only see the sliver of the crescent moon a couple of days after the exact moment of the New Moon. 

Traditionally, you set your intentions at the time of the New Moon. Then, you make a wish when you first see the crescent Moon in the night sky.

At the exact moment of this month’s New Moon, the Sun & Moon sit side-by-side in the zodiac in one of the earth signs at 4° Virgo.

Virgo is the star sign of order & analysis, list-making & strategy, resourcefulness & measured behaviour. It’s linked to work and routine, lifestyle and health, self-care and service to others. 

Therefore, this is an excellent New Moon to start a new habit or begin any activity that feeds you, nurtures you, grounds you & strengthens you.

The Mars Factor

This New Moon isn’t acting alone, however, as it makes a dynamic square aspect to Mars at 4° Gemini. Action planet Mars entered the sign of communication Gemini one week ago and this is the first major aspect that Mars makes, a square aspect to the Sun (& Moon) in Virgo.

This is important because Mars is going to be in Gemini for the next seven months. Notice what’s stirring in you, where you want to speak up, where you’re getting passionate and/or angry. What do you want to initiate on the New Moon that enables your voice and allows you to speak up?

Being Mars-ruled (Scorpio Sun, Aries Ascendant), I am finding I’m becoming increasingly angry about the cost of living crisis and the outrageous (corrupt) profits that the utility companies are making in this country. It’s been in the news and on social media a lot over the last week – Gemini’s the media sign – and this will only continue.

Energy prices are estimated to go through the roof this winter hurtling many people into poverty, having to make totally unfair and unjust decisions about whether to eat or stay warm!

Water companies are pumping sewage into our rivers and seas blaming poor infrastructures, at the same time as announcing profits that have not only doubled and tripled in recent years but sky-rocketed. Yet, there’s talk of them having to be bailed out by the government because they’ve run up massive debt!

And, I watched a video recently that showed how some European countries are taking huge profits from running our railways that helps them to keep travel prices low for their people. Is privatisation working? Right now, it would seem not but unless the government start getting tough and implementing laws that benefit the people and not the fat-cat CEO’s, not a lot will change.

Rant over! I know I’m not the only one though as there are plenty of new initiatives emerging. Here are just three I’ve heard of recently: Enough Is Enough, We Own It and Don’t Pay. No doubt there will be more grassroots organisations urging people to take action in the months to come.

Look at where the New Moon is in your horoscope and where Mars in Gemini is activating your horoscope for the next seven months. Mars encourages you to use your anger constructively to stoke the fires that burn deep within, that urge you to make a difference.

You might sign a petition, join a protest, voice your concerns or show your support in whatever way suits you. Mars in Gemini is calling us all out to get active and speak up.

At the end of September 2022 & at the end of November 2022, Mars aligns with Saturn in Aquarius, the star sign of the people. This is about community and getting involved to bring about positive change.

The Call of the Moon

Yet, you may not be feeling Mars’ call at all. Instead, you may prefer the gentler nudge of this week’s New Moon in Virgo to live your life well, to restore order, to keep things calm and not let fear or worry take hold. 

A New Moon in a feminine earth sign is the ideal time to put one foot in front of the other, to allow the constancy and beauty of nature to soothe your soul, to be grateful for the rituals and routine of your daily life. 

Much nurturing and care is needed now. Start with you, the ones you love, heal self & others, help and be of service, then gently move out into the world. 

Give yourself time to dream during this powerful New Moon. This is where true creativity hides, when you allow ideas to appear and unfold organically.

Here’s a quick guide to the areas of your life highlighted by this week’s New Moon in Virgo. Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign:

  • Virgo: Self, image, name, your identity
  • Libra: Retreat, quiet time, seclusion, service to others, introspection
  • Scorpio: Friends, groups, social networks, social concerns, hopes & wishes
  • Sagittarius: Career, vocation, status, your role in the public eye
  • Capricorn: Travel, education, learning, your philosopy of life
  • Aquarius: Joint finances, sex, life’s mysteries
  • Pisces: Relationships, your one-to-one’s both personal & professional
  • Aries: Health, work, your everyday lifestyle & routine
  • Taurus: Children, creativity, entertainment, love affairs, luck
  • Gemini: Home, family, your past, where you come from
  • Cancer: Communication, siblings, neighbours, your local community
  • Leo: Money, resources, your personal values

Virgo is a star sign that sometimes gets a bad press for playing small but the best way to create change in life is to take one small step at a time towards your chosen goal. Making big demands on yourself doesn’t pay off but creating new daily practices can change the habits of a lifetime.

Wait until the silver slither of the crescent moon emerges in the night sky a couple of nights after the New Moon date. Then, you can make your New Moon wish and tend to your garden of life.

Wishing You A Happy New Moon

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2 thoughts on “New Moon Virgo: And Attack”

  1. Martin McGlashing

    Good morning Sally,

    I enjoyed your rant. Here in my province in Canada we have a very corrupt premiere who is allowing a billion dollar company basically pillage and rape our land for profit and yet they pay zero property taxes and got 3 tax benefits within 3 months last Spring. Corruption is being uncovered at a lightning speed this year which is heartening but when will there be a big shift to stop Capitalism?
    Power to the people. Thanks for the article as I have 4 degrees in my 11th house in Aquarius, 4 degrees in my 5th house Leo. 5 degrees in 6th house Virgo, and 5 degrees in 12th house Pisces. I feel it’s all good but I always worry about my health as I had very advanced cancer in 2015 and 2016.
    Take care. We will get through these tough times!

    1. Power to the people – exactly! I’m so hoping this is going to be the way that Pluto’s move into Aquarius will play out starting next year. Power (Pluto) to the people (Aquarius). All the time Pluto’s been in Capricorn since 2008, it’s been power to the plutocrats, the elite, the corporations and governments. It’s got to change. Sending best wishes to you. warm regards, Sally

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