New Moon Pisces: Moondark

New Moon Pisces

New Moon [26 Pisces 53] – March 17 2018 (13:12 GMT)

Writing this article on March 13th, we’re moving towards the dark phase of the month, the days before the New Moon, which symbolises a new lunar cycle. Traditionally, this period before the New Moon is a time for rest and retreat, to go deep, turn inwards and stop awhile before you set off on a new path.

This is an important phase in the month which is often missed. If you’re someone who’s used to being busy or you’re juggling countless roles in life, time for contemplation and reflection may be hard to come by. Try not to miss this out, however, even if the time you’re able to stop is brief.

Moondark* is one of the names for this quiet time, the period before a new cycle begins. This is when you can pause and look at what you need in order to replenish your energy and let go of tension, emotion or stuff that weighs you down. Complete the cycle fully and you step foot into the future feeling lighter and unburdened.

A Pisces New Moon

This is also a theme of the New Moon in Pisces which takes place at the weekend. Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac and, even though this is the New Moon stage, it’s not primarily a time for action, rather release and surrender.

Pisces’ nature is boundless and, when the planets gather here, you can lose yourself in a good way. Push back the boundaries of life, explore what’s possible and what lies beyond possibility. Be open to whatever life brings your way.

Chiron’s Role

Chiron at 28 degrees Pisces sits next to this New Moon. Chiron is the wounded healer, which flits between the traditional planets and the modern planets, linking the two. Chiron is the maverick, the teacher. Use your own experience and wisdom to heal others or, if you’re the one who needs healing, reach out and seek sanctuary.

Benevolent Jupiter

Jupiter is also connected to this New Moon, in the sign of deep water, at 23 degrees Scorpio and currently in retreat. The Sun/Jupiter planetary trine aspect is exact today on March 13th, a symbol of generosity and protection. At its best, this brings enlightenment and understanding, insights which emerge from a deep source. Compassion and kindness abound.

Be open-hearted and have faith now. Tap into the Sun-Jupiter theme of exploration and visionary goals to enable your dreams to take shape and fly. This is an ideal time for optimism and self-belief, to trust in your emotions and natural instincts.

Perhaps, you sense the time for action and new beginnings is almost there. First, however, you need to reconnect with your reason why and check out your emotional state. When you are in tune with your inner compass and have a good sense of timing because it ‘feels right’, then your actions flow from within and moving forwards feels easy and enjoyable.


I learned about the term *moondark from astrologer Anne Whitaker: Aries New Moon and the Year’s Moondark. She suggested that the period from the New Moon in Pisces, the last sign in the zodiac, to the New Moon in Aries, the first sign in the zodiac, could also be considered as moondark. A time for retreat and reflection, letting go and connecting on an emotional level, preparing yourself for a new zodiac cycle.

This fits the astrology in 2018 perfectly. This New Moon falls close to the end of Pisces and, therefore, the zodiac. Only three days after the New Moon on March 17th, the Sun enters Aries on March 20th and a new zodiac cycle begins.

Fast-forward another three days and communication planet, Mercury, turns retrograde on March 23rd and is in retreat until April 15th, the day before the New Moon in Aries on April 16th.

It’s uncanny timing and, therefore, worth noting what requires completion in your life or requires you to engage emotionally before moving out into the world.

On that note, I’ll be away next week because I’m on retreat from March 19 to March 23. It wasn’t planned to coincide with the period after the New Moon in Pisces, but the timing is perfect.

New Moon Wishes

piscesIt is a New Moon on March 17th, but one to engage with in a different way perhaps. Express your wishes and set your intentions but do so with sensitivity, be soft and gentle.

Connect with your emotions, embrace other people with affection, be self-less and, like Pisces, believe in miracles.

Tap into the beauty and romance that’s all around you, through creativity or spirituality, through nature or through the breath.

Tune in, space out and let cosmic Pisces expand your perception of life and bring you a deeper connection with all that is.

However you spend it, wishing you a peaceful, empathic, wonderful New Moon in Pisces.

6 thoughts on “New Moon Pisces: Moondark”

    1. That’s rather lovely, Mary. Jupiter is also trine your Moon Pisces, so tap into the creative/spiritual vibe especially. Best wishes.

  1. Hi there Sally

    This new moon opposite my Mars in Virgo 27 degree. Chiron also opposite to my Mars. Is it good or bad?
    I have planned a reiki, oil massage & electro acupuncture (arm) in the coming weeks.

    I hope you enjoy your retreat.

    Thankyou for your kind replies.

    1. Neither good nor bad, simply highlighting your Mars in Virgo. Therefore, you are doing the right thing – taking care of your health – sounds perfect.

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