New Moon In Libra – What Will You Begin?

Tree & LeavesWe are on the verge of something new. Can you feel it?

Today, Tuesday 23rd September 2014 heralds the Autumnal Equinox when night and day are relatively equal [‘equinox’ means ‘equal night’] and the earth’s axis begins to shift so that the days grow shorter in the northern hemisphere and longer in the southern hemisphere.

We are heading for the abundant season of autumn in the UK often accompanied by a glorious riot of colour; blazing red, warm orange, mellow yellow and all shades in-between. One of my favourite seasons.

The equinox is the time of year when the Sun moves into Libra and this year that event takes place on September 23rd at 03:29 BST so very very soon, tonight even. This is followed one day later by the Moon’s move into Libra and before we know it the Sun and Moon are cosying up together and we have a glorious New Moon in Libra on Wednesday 24th September 2014 [exact 07:14 BST].

This New Moon in Libra falls at 1 Libra 08 so very close to the beginning of the sign and new beginnings, fresh starts, seeds sown feel all the more urgent, pressing and important.

What will you begin? Relationships are one key area to make a fresh start and create new intentions; all 1-to-1 partnerships in fact as Libra is the sign of relating. Wherever the sign of Libra falls in your solar chart is another key area for you and below is the briefest guide for your sign (read both your Sun Sign and your Ascendant if you know it):

Aries – love & relationships

Taurus – job & health

Gemini – new birth i.e. kids, love, creative project

Cancer – home & family

Leo – local community & ideas

Virgo – money & values

Libra – personal goals & self image

Scorpio – retreat & secrets

Sagittarius – friends & wider society

Capricorn – career & status

Aquarius – travel, study & deeper meaning

Pisces – shared finances & resources

Set your intentions, set your compass, set your goals, set your heart on something special as lift-off is not very far away.

Remember the two weeks between the New Moon and the Full Moon is the time to stretch yourself, reach out new shoots, initiate, make a wish, set new objectives.

Happy Equinox!


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