New Moon In Virgo: Astrology Blogging Challenge

Computer KeyboardI do love a good challenge and the latest to grace my inbox comes via Entrepreneur Soul and The Blog Partnership.

The challenge is to write five blogs a week (I’m aiming for Monday-Friday) and keep them brief. The suggestion was 150 words – yikes!

I enjoy blogging and if anything I always seem to have lots to say and love the writing process. So keeping it brief will test me but already I’ve come up with more than one week’s worth of content and, until I run out of good ideas, I’m aiming for writing short blogs little and often.

This new writing challenge happens to coincide with the New Moon in Virgo (exact Sunday 16th September 2:11 am GMT). The New Moon is perfect for new beginnings and Virgo rules writing. Funny that!

So in tune with the Moon, I hope you enjoy this week’s 5 blogs entited “Inspired By Astrology”. You’ll find out more tomorrow…

(today’s blog = 158 words. I can do it – keep it brief!)

Maybe not… a final question. What project will you start and what intentions will you create at this powerful time of the month for new beginnings? Let me know and I promise to hold you accountable.

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